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Question Answer
AFO purposecontrol STJ motion(prevent over pronation), control motion of tibia of the foot, distribute control over larger surfaces area (calf)
single/double AFOmetal stirrups attaching to the shoe
single AFOpediatric
double AFOadult
single/doublecan be made with a modled plastic for better appeal
dorsiflexory assitsweak dorsiflexors, controls loading, assits swing phase toe clearance
plantarflexory stopstrong plantarflexors, spastic equinus, hyperextension pathology, creates knee flexion moment
Dorsiflexory stopweak plantarflexors, weak quads, creates knee extension moment
Total contact AFOfits into shoes, light wieght, control all planes, trim line at cneter of malleloli
total contact AFOwarmer, doesnt allow for edema
floor rxn AFOlike soid ankle but has foot plate that extends more distal
floor rxn AFOankle held in slight PF position
floor rxn AFOprovieds sagittal plane knee stability
Posterior leaf springlike solid but more flexible due to trimmed posterior ankle area
Off loadingfor ulcers
supramalleolar AFOfor clearance in swing phase, made from a UCBL,
tension reducing AFfor Cerebral palsy and spastic problems

first ray (dr. mason)

Question Answer
Dorsiflexed first raycompensated RF varus, FF supinatus, abnormal STJ pronation
dorsiflexed first raydorsal prominence, hallux limitus, HPKS sub 2nd met head
plantarflexed first raycongenital, uncompensated RF varus, FF valgus
plantar flexed first rayHPK sub 1 and 5 met, pes cavus, STJ supination
stage 1 HLno DJD, no pain
stage 2 HLpain at end ROM, flat 1st met head
stage 3 HLcrepitus on ROM, osteophyte, jt space narrowing
stage 4 HLobliteration of jt space
stage 1 HAVlateral subluxation of base of prox
stage 2 HAVseasamoid shift lateral, medial bump
stage 3 HAVfoot widens, increased intermet angle, fibular sesamoid lateral to met head
sage 4 HAVdislcation, overlap of 2nd digit
splay footmetatarsal spreading
splay footxray large interment angle between 1-2 and 4-5, due to STJ pronation
splay footboth HAV and tailors bunion
stage 1 predislocation syndromemild edema plantar, no misalinment
stage 2 presdisloaction sydromemoterate edema, deviation of digit
stage 3 predislocation syndromemoderate edema entire MPJ, possible subluxation
vertical stress testyank on proximal phalanx and it translocates 2mm DF
claw toeDF MTPJ, PF of PIPJ and DIPJ
mallet toePF of DIPJ
hallux ExtensusDF DIPJ (opposite for fluxus)
hammer toeDF MTPJ, PF PIPJ, extended DIPJ
flexor substitutiontriceps surae, flexors will fire early causing contraction
extensor substitutionthe extensors cancel out the function of lumbricals


Question Answer
stage 1 PTTDnormal tendon lenght, mild degeneration
stagge 1 PTTDmedialfoot, ankle pain and swelling
stage 1 PTTDmild weakness, no additional deformity
goal for stage 1 PTTDreduce rate of pronation
stage 1 and 2 PTTD orthosesfunctioal and UCBL
stage 1 and 2 orthodic modificationsanything to keep the calcaneus perpendicular and to reduce the rate of pronation
stage 1 orhodic modification mustsdeep heel seat and a wide width
stage 1 shoe modificationsmedial heel flare, varus heel wedge, HEEL LIFT, extended heel counter
stage 2 shoe modificationsmedial heel flare, varus wedge, MEDIAL STABALIZER (butress), extended heel counter
stage 3 shoe modificationsmedial stabilizer (buttress), medial arch last expansion, rocker sole
stage 4 shoe modificationsmedial stabilizer (butress),CUSTOM MOLDED SHOES medial last expansion, rocker sole
stage 1 bracingankle stirrup, arizona, marzano, richie, double upright hinged brace
stage 2 PTTDattenuation of tendon,
stage 2increased pronation, decreased muslce strenght
stage 1 and 2 PTTDflexible
stage 2 goalreturn foot to normal position/prevent residular deformity
stage 2 and 3 bracesrichie, arizona, marzano only
stage 3 PTTDsevere pronatory deformity becomes rigid with associated rearfoot arthritis
stage 3 PTTDfixed everted position of calc
stage 3 PTTDforefoot deformity that is fixed
stage 3 treatment goalsupport deformity and minimize pain and compensatory changes proximal and distal to deformity
stage 3 orthosesaccomodative and schaffer
stage 4 PTTDfixed valgus deformity and the ankle functions in a valgus deformity
stage 4 goal treatmentallow for a stable foot/ankle ambulation
stage 4 orthosisorthosis not indicated
stage 4 orthodic modificationsno orthotic modifications
stage 4 bracingpatellar-tendon bearing brace, "stage 4" richie

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