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Question Answer
Circumferencec=2r c=d length=cm,m,in,ft,units
Vertical angles-2s that are opposite -shave the same measurement.
Area of trapezoidA=1/2H(B+B2) Bi+B2 have to be paralelle(B+Hhave to meet @90 degrees)
Area of SquareA=s2=BXH units2,cm2,in2,m2,ft2
Area of a circleA=r2 units2,cm2,m2,in2,ft2
Area of a triangleA=1/2 BH (Base + Height have to meet B @90 degrees) units2,cm2,in2,ft2,m2
Complementary-2 45 that when addded equal 90 degrees (sum)
Diameter-line segment from edge to edge going through the center of the circle d=2r
Radius-line segment from the edge of the circle to the center of the circle r=1/2d
Volume of the cube=vol,=LXWXH =s3 units3,cm3,ft3,in3,cubic units
Supplementary angles-2 s that when added equal 180 degrees
Area of rectangleA=LXW =BXH units2,cm2,in2,ft2,m2
Adjacent angles-2 s that are next to each other shave a vertex
Area of parallelogramA=BXH(Base +Height have to meet @90 degrees)units2,cm2,in2,ft2,m2