Emergency Med

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Question Answer
Nasal Canula1-6 L/min. 24-45% O2 concentration (breathing victims only)
Pocket Mask w/out O2Manual. 16% O2
Pocket Mask w O2: Manual6-8 L/min. 44-55% O2
Simple Face Mask6-10 L/min. 40-60% O2
Resuscitation mask6-15 L/min. 35-55% O2. (breathing and non-breathing victims)
Venturi Mask4-15L/min. 24-50% O2
Bag-valve Mask w/out O2manual. 21%
Bag-valve Mask w O210-15 L/min. 90-100% O2. (breathing and non-breathing) highest flow rate, biggest amount of O2
Partial Re-Breathing Mask8-15 L/min. 60-80% O2
Non-Rebreather Mask10-15 L/min. 90-100% O2 (breathing victims only)
Isotonic250-375. Normal Saline and Lactated Ringers.
Hypotonicbelow 250. Half-normal saline (0.45% NaCl). Sterile water.
Hypertonicabove 375 (D10 & D20, IV minerals and vitamins).3% or 5% Saline (NaCl)
Adults need O2 ifRR less than 12 or more than 20
Child needs O2 ifRR less than 15, more than 30
Infant needs O2 ifRR less than 25, more than 50
If you can find a radial pulseyour systolic is at least 80
Femoral pulseyou have a systolic is at least 70
Carotid60 systolic.
1:1000 Epi IM0.5 mg up to 1 mg (0.5 - 1.0 mg/ml)
1:1000 Epi SubQ0.3-0.5ml
Kids 1:1000 Epi0.01mg/kg
IV Epi1:10000 push 0.1-0.2 mg (1-2ml)
Heat Exhaustionbody temp < 104.9 (40.5 degrees C). There is sweating.
Heat Strokebody temp > 104.9 F. NO sweating. dry hot, skin.
CyanosisSaO2 <85%, frank cyanosis at SaO2 = 67%
Mild hypothermia89.4-94F
Moderate hypothermia82.4-89.4 F
Severe hypothermia< 82.4F
APGARAppearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respirations
IM 90 degrees => tastes laterals is the site for kids<2
SQ30 - 45 degrees
Intradermal10-15 degrees
pH allowed in IV mixture5-9 pH allowed in IV mixture. max comfort is 6.6-7.6
Osmolarity = {Totals of (volume) x (mOms (by ml)) / (volume)} x 1000

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