Embryology of the Reproductive System

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From which embryological tissue do the genital ridges arise?Intermediate mesoderm
The genital ducts arise from the mesonephric and paramesonephric ducts, which are AKA what?Wolffian and mullerian ducts (respectively)
The indifferent gonads can be found on the _________-_________ weeks.5th - 6th
Primordial germ cells + primary sex cords = ?Indifferent gonads
PGCs are derived from the ___ ___.primitive streak
Which drains the kidney, the Wolffian duct or mullerian duct?The Wolffian (mesonephric) duct
To yield a male reproductive system, the cortex of the indifferent gonads ____ while the medulla ____ into ____.degenerates ; differentiates ; a testis
In females, the cortex of the indifferent gonads ____.differentiates into an ovary

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How does the SRY protein affect medullary sex cords?It induces their differentiation into Sertoli cells and the secretion of AMH. (Meanwhile, the cortex regresses)
How does the SRY protein affect mesenchymal cells in the genital ridge?It induces their differentiation into Leydig cells, which secrete testosterone.
AMH effect = ?Degeneration of the paramesonephric ducts
Testosterone effect = ?Differentiation of the mesonephric ducts into the epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle.
DHT effect = ?Differentiation of the EXTERNAL genatalia into a penis and scrotum (as well as formation of the prostate).

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The paramesonephric duct (in the absence of SRY) becomes-the uterus, uterine/fallopian tubes, upper vagina,
The lower 3rd of the vagina arises from which structure?Urogenital sinus
It marks the path of the descent of the testesGubernaculum
During the descent of the testes, the processus vaginalis herniates through the abdominal wall and formsthe inguinal canal
In females, the cranial gubernaculum becomesthe ovarian ligament
The round ligament of the uterus arises from the caudal gubernaculum
The (small) processus vaginalis in females ____ and ____ before birth.obliterates ; disappears
A persistent remnant of the processus vaginalis in females is thecanal of Nuck

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Which are more medial, the urogenital folds or labioscrotal swellings?urogenital folds
The genital tubercle is AKA thephallus
In males, the ___ ___ arises from the genital tubercle.glans penis
The urogenital folds give rise to ___ in males and ___ in femalespenile/spongy urethra ; labia minora

Section 5

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DSD is disorder of sexual development
ovotesticular DSD is AKAtrue hermaphroditism
Is ovotesticular DSD common or rare?Very rare
3 main constituents of the embryonal reproductive systemgonads, genital ducts, external genitalia
A mutation in the SRY gene in genetic males or a translocation of SRY in genetic females can lead toovotesticular DSD

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