Embryology for the boards

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ACE inhibitorsrenal damage, skull ossification issues
alcoholMR, fetal alcohol syndrome. leading cause of birth defects
alkylating agentsabsence of digits,
aminoglycosidesCN VIII
Cocaineplacental abruption fetal addiction,
Diethylstilbestrol (DES)Clear cell adenocarcinoma of the Vagina
Folate antagonistsneural tube defects
Iodide (LACK or excess)congenital goiter or hypothyroidism
LithiumEbstein's anomaly - right ventricle looks like an ATRIUM
Maternal diabetescaudal regression syndrome, transposition of great vessels
Smoking: NICOTINE or Carbon monoxideADHD, growth restriction, preterm labor, placental problems
Tetracyclinesdiscolored teeth
Thalidomidelimb defects
Valproateinhibition of intestinal folate absorption
Vitamin ASpontaneous abortions, cleft palate, cardiac abnormalities
Warfarinbone deformities, abortion, fetal hemorrhage, Dandy Walker
X rays"multiple anomalies. just know that this is a teratogen"
Anticonvulsants"multiple anomalies. just know that this is a teratogen"
Phenytoin?IUGR, facial and limb abnormalities,
FQcartilage abnormalilties
SulfonamidesKernicterus risk


Question Answer
umbilical veinligamentum teres - in the FALCIFORM ligament
umbilical arterymedial umbilical ligaments
ductus venosusligamentum venosum
notochordnucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc
allantois/ URACHUSmediaN umbilical ligament

Aortic Arch derivatives

Question Answer
1st archmaxillary artery
3rd archcarotids
4th archR=r. subclavian L=aorta
5th archzilch
6th archR=pulmonary artery and L=ductus arteriosus+pulm artery

Branchial arch derivatives

Question Answer Column 3
arch 1CN V2 and V3Maxillary artery
arch 2CN VIIStapedial artery
arch 3CN IX
Arch 4CN X superior laryngeal branch
Arch 6CN X recurrent laryngeal branch

Male and Female genital homologues


Embryological DerivativeMaleFemale
Genital TubercleGlans Penisglans Clitoris
Genital Tuberclecorpus cavernosum and spongiosumvestibular bulbs
Urogenital SinusBulbourethral gland of CowperGreater vestibular glands of Bartholin
Urogenital SinusProstateUrethral and Paraurethral glands of Skene
Urogenital Foldsventral shaft of the penislabia Minora
Labioscrotal swellingscrotumlabia majora