Elite Vocab 51-100

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Section 1

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dichotomyn. a division into two contrasting or non-overlapping parts
assailv. to attack; to assault
propitiousadj. presenting favorable circumstances
eclecticadj. composed of materials from various sources
dapperadj. neatly dressed; trim; stylish

Section 2

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audibleadj. able to be heard
quiescentadj. inactive, often suggesting a temporary state
extolv. to praise highly and lavishly
ritualn. a ceremonial act; a customary procedure
emulatev. to copy someone; to imitate

Section 3

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discrepancyn. lack of agreement; difference
manifestadj. obvious; very clear; evident
chauvinismn. unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
shaden. a small variation, a nuance; a small amount
furtiveadj. characterized by secretive behavior

Section 4

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sembalancen. outward form or appearance
euphemismn. to substitution of an agreeable word or phrase to replace one that might offend
lopsidedadj. larger or shaped differently on one side that on another
antisepticadj. free from germs; thoroughly clean | n. a substance that inhibits the growth of germs
subjectiveadj. based on personal experience or feeling, not on external evidence

Section 5

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palev. to decrease in relative importance
facileadj. with effortless ease; without proper care; superficial
incarceratev. to restrict by imprisonment; to keep in a prison
resilientadj. able to recover quickly from bending or illness
passiveadj. unresisting; submissive

Section 6

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dismantlev. to take apart
integratev. to form into a unified whole
mendaciousadj. lying; false, especially habitually
blasphemyn. an act that shows contempt for God or religious matters
eludev. to escape from, as by daring or skill; to escape the understanding of

Section 7

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redoubtableadj. fearsome; formidable
swelteringadj. oppressively hot and humid
detestv. to hate
palatableadj. pleasant or agreeable to the taste
galaadj. characterized by festivity | n. a festive occasion, especially a lavish social event

Section 8

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quartersn. a place of residence, especially for military personnel
eccentricadj. unconventional; odd
stigman. a sign of disgrace; a mark that lowers a reputation
immersev. to cover completely in a liquid; to engage wholly
inceptionn. commencement; beginning; origin

Section 9

Question Answer
quaintadj. odd, especially in an old-fashioned way
propoundv. to suggest for consideration; to propose
insinuatev. to hint
nocturnaladj. occurring at night
agrarianadj. related to farming

Section 10

Question Answer
eerieadj. causing inexplicable fear or uneasiness, often because of an apparently supernatural origin
ruthlessadj. having no compassion or pity
ultimatumn. a final demand or statement of terms
abasev. to lower in rank or prestige
knackn. a specific talent for doing something, especially one that is difficult to teach