Elite Vocab 1-50

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Section 1

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bidev. to remain in a condition or state; to wait
consentv. to approve; to agree; to yield
volitionn. a conscious choice or decision
nascentadj. coming into being; being born
amplifyv. to make larger

Section 2

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luridadj. causing shock or horror; tastelessly vivid; glowing like fire through a haze
ownv. to admit, especially taking personal responsibility for one's own actions or thoughts
colludev. to plot secretly for a deceitful or illegal purpose
tallyv. to count; to add
disarrayn. confusion, disorder

Section 3

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tepidadj. moderately warm; lacking force or enthusiasm
conjecturen. an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidence
piousadj. exhibiting reverence and religious observation
abetv. to encourage, assist, or support, usually in wrongdoing
interlopern. one who interferes with the affairs of others; a meddler

Section 4

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subsequentadj. happening afterward; following in order
surmisev. to infer something by intuition or with slender evidence; n. such an inference
jotv. to write briefly and hastily; n. a very small amount
discernv. to perceive and understand so as the make distinctions
blightn. a plant disease; something that impairs growth, progress, or prosperity

Section 5

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volubleadj. talkative
divineadj. related to a god; supremely good or beautiful
premonitionn. a sense of a future event; a warning in advance
proverbialadj. well-known because widely repeated
graveadj.serious; dignified; formal

Section 6

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indefatigableadj. tireless, unceasing
deployv. to station or assemble troops or forces in position
codifyv. to organize something (such as laws or rules) into a system
relentv. to become less severe; to give in
loathev. to dislike something greatly

Section 7

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cumbersomeadj. clumsy or difficult to manage
affectedadj. behaving in an artificial way to impress people
skittishadj. nervous; easily frightened
colloquialadj. appropriate to spoken, as opposed to written, language; informal
scenarion. an outline for a planned series of events, either real or imagined; a summary of a work of fiction

Section 8

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drasticadj. extreme; severe
ineptadj. without skill; absurd or foolish
multifariousadj. having many different parts or forms; numerous and varied
efficacyn. the power to produce the desired effect
dissonantadj. harsh and disagreeable in sound

Section 9

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brusqueadj. abrupt and curt of manner
ambiancen. environment
voluminousadj. having great size or fullness
vanquishv. to defeat, especially totally
pilferv. to steal a small amount

Section 10

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disdainn. a feeling of contempt
reconcilev. to make friendly again; to settle a dispute; to make seemingly incompatible things fit together or coexist
banishv. to drive away; to force leave a place by official decree
vacillatev. to swing back and forth
moroseadj. sour tempered and inclined to be silent