Elements of Drama

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Acta division or unit of theater, including play or film. The number of acts can range from one to five.
Climaxthe point in a plot where the interest, tension, and excitement are highest
Conflictthe problem or struggle in a story
Dialoguespeech between characters in a play
Dramaa work of literature meant to be performed for an audience by actors
Narratora person who tells a story; spoken in 1st/3rd person POV
Playwrighta person who writes the action, dialogue, and directions in a play
Pantomimethe use of body movements and facial expressions to portray a character or situation
Plota sequence of events that forms a story- problem and solution
Scenea division of an act, where action takes place in a singe place; no break in time
Scenery3d units that form the background of a play
Scripta copy of a play that provides stage directions and dialogue
Stage Directionsan instruction written as part of a play indicating stage actions, movements of performers, or production requirements
Stage Leftthe left side f the stage from the perspective of an actor facing the audience
Stage Rightthe right side of the stage from the perspective of an actor facing the audience
ThemeTHE MESSAGE a play or drama communicates about its subject, such as " greed will lead to trouble"
Tonethe use of infliction to communicate feelings
Setthe scenery, props and furniture onstage; also a term for placing props and scenery

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