Elements and Principles of Art

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Question Answer
LineA mark made by a moving point. Element.
ColorA reflection of the light waves of an object. Element
ValueDifferent shades of a color used to make an object look 3D. Element.
ShapeAn enclosed area defined and determined by other art elements; 2D. Element.
Form3D object or a 2D art that appears to be 3D. Element.
SpaceThe distance or area between, around, above, below, or within things. Element.
TextureThe real or visual feel of an object. Element.
BalanceThe visual weight of objects, or/and colors creating a feeling of stability in an art work. Principle.
EmphasisThe focal point of an image, or when one area or thing stands out the most. Principle.
ContrastA large difference between two things to create interest and tension. Principle.
RhythmA regular repetition of elements, such as similar shapes. Principle.
MovementThe path the viewer's eye takes through the artwork, often to a focal area. Principle.
PatternRepetition of shapes, colors, objects, and designs. Principle.
UnityWhen all of the principles and elements work together to create a pleasing image. Principle.

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