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the leads of the SCR are ______,_________,_________anode,gate,cathode
before an SCR will turn on, the gate must have a(n)_________ potential with respect to the cathode.positive
the SCR provides _________ -wave rectification of an ac current.half
the SCR is similar to a diode except that a third element, called a(n) ________, is included.gate
_________ -biasing the gate-cathode of an SCR lowers the forward breakover voltage.forward
phase shifting of an SCR circuit means shifting the phase of the voltage applied to the ________ with respect to the voltage to the _________gate, anode
the ability of an SCR to turn on at different points in the conducting cycle of ac is used to ________ the amount of current delivered to a loadvary
in an ac circuit, an SCR will shut off at the ________ of each half cycleend
an SCR can be tested out of circuit with an _________ohmmeter
when testing a diac with an ohmmeter, the resistance taken in both directions should be relatively ________ in valuehigh
two input terminals on the op-amp are labeled _________ input and ___________ inputinverting, non-inverting
in an inverting operational amplifier, the ratio of the feedback resistor to the input resistor determines the ________gain

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