Electronic Methods of Communication

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National 4 and 5 Administration and IT


On this page you will learn about Electronic Methods of Communication. Good luck!

Email – software program used to transfer information electronically from one computer to another

Advantages of Email


Question Answer
Quickfast way of transferring urgent information anywhere in world
Cheapdoesn’t cost much to send messages as no printing or postages needed
Attachmentseasy to send extra information such as pictures or files
Group Emaileasy to send same message to several people at one time
Urgentmessages can be highlighted according to importance so recipient can decide which ones to read first
Forwardmessages can be sent on to another recipient easily
Convenienteasy to send messages worldwide at any time of the day between time zones
Confidentialas passwords are required to open emails they can remain private as long as no one knows your password
Mailing listsinformation can be sent out regularly to the same people

Disadvantages of Email


Question Answer
Email addresssenders must know exact email address of recipient to send messages
Spam/junk messagesmail boxes can be clogged up with unwanted messages
Virusesmalware programs can be spread onto computers through emails
Technical Problemswhen computers crash or there is a power cut emails cannot be sent/received
Checking Emailsif mail box is not checked regularly messages will not be picked up

Electronic Diary – software program used to keep track of a person’s work schedule

Advantages of Ediary


Question Answer
Recurring appointmentsmeetings that happen regularly need only be entered once
Alertsreminders can be set to jog user about appointments
Linkage of diariesstaff can check others diaries easily to organise appointments
Double bookingclashing appointments will be highlighted so they can be changed
Email linkagewhere linked to emails appointment can be emailed directly to relevant people
To do listextra notes can be added in a to do list
Printoutsdiary extracts can be printed in daily, weekly or monthly format

Disadvantages of Ediary


Question Answer
No accessif computer, network or wifi is down diaries cannot be opened
Hackinghackers could access diaries and find out important information
Software problemsif software fails user could lose data from diary
Lostif ediary is deleted accidentally and there is no back up all information will be lost
Compatibility if software is upgraded or changed old ediary may not be able to be accessed

Technologies - electronic equipment and software used to collect, process, store and send information

Emerging Technologies


Question Answer
Bloga regularly updated web page typically run by an individual who want to communicate thoughts/opinions on a particular topic
Foruman online discussion group for people who want to discuss topics of interest and exchange ideas
Instant messagingmethod of communicating instantly with people who are all online at the same time
Podcasta digital recording of music, news or other media that can be downloaded from the internet to a portable media player
Vodcastcreation and provision of video files that can be downloaded from the internet a portable media player
Websitea location on the world wide web for a person or organisation, consisting of a page or pages, accessible through a specific website address
Social mediawebsites and applications (eg twitter, facebook, linkedin etc) that enable users to create/share content or to participate in social networking
Virtual learning environmentset of teaching and learning tools made to enhance students’ learning experiences using computers and the internet