Electrolytes imbalance sign and symptoms

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Question Answer
hypocalcemia ↓hr,bp,peripheral pulse, irritable skeletal muscle,painful muscles spasm,+TROUSSEAU'S & CHEVOSTEK'S sign↑dtr ↑gi motility & bowel sound cramping diarrhea, prolong ST & QT
hypercalcemia↑hr then↓hr → CA bounding full peripheral pulse, profound skeletal weakness→ineffective resp movement, ↓dtr , disorientation, lethargy, coma, renal calculi, flank pain ↓ GI motility hypo active bowel sound ,constipation, nausea, abd distension ,shorten St widened T
hypokalemiaweak thready irregular pulse,ortho hypo, profound sm weakness→ineffective respiration diminish breath sound ,anxiety, lethargy, confusion, coma loss of tactile discrimination, paresthesias ↓dtr, ↓GI motility & bowel sound(paralytic ileus) GI disterbance ,depresed ST inverted T prominent U
hyperkalemiaslow, weak, irregular hr ↓bp , profound skeletal muscle weakness leading to respiratory failure ,Early muscle twitching , cramps , paresthesias Late ,profound weakness ascending flaccid paralysis in the arms and leg↑GI motility hyperactive bowel sound diarrhea, tall peaked T wave flat P waves widened QRS and prolonged PR
hypomagnesemia tachycardia ↑bp, shallow respiration ,+TROUSSEAU'S & CHEVOSTEK'S sign tetany , seizures hyperreflexia , twitches: paresthesia , irritability confusion , tall T waves depressed ST
hypermagnesemia bradycardia, dysrhythmias,↓bp, ↓dtr, skeletal muscle weakness , drowsiness and lethargy, coma prolong PR widened QRS