Electrolyte Intake and Absorption, Distribution, and Output

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Intake & Absorption

Question Answer
PotassiumFruits, potatoes, instant coffee, molasses, brazil nuts; absorbs easily
CalciumDairy, canned fish with bones, broccoli, oranges; requires vitamin D for absorption, indigestive fat prevents absorption
MagnesiumDark green leafy veg., whole grains, laxatives & antacids; undigested fat prevents absorption
PhosphateMilk, processed foods; aluminum antacids preven absorption


Question Answer
K+Low in ECF, high in ICF; insulin, epinephrine., and alkalosis shift ion into cells; some types shift ion out
Ca2+low in ECF, mostly in bones and IC; only ionized ion is active; Parathyroid shift ion out of bone; calcitonin shifts ion into bone; ion decreases if phosphate rises and vice versa
Mg2+low in ECF, mostly in bones and IC; only free ion is active
Phosphatelow in ECF and higher in ICF and in bones; insulin and epinepherine shift ion into cells; decreases if Ca blood levels rise and vice versa


Question Answer
K+Aldosterone, black licorice, hypomagnesemia, & polyuria increase renal excretion; oliguria decreases excretion; Acute or chronic diarrhea increases fecal excretion
Ca2+Thiazide diuretics decrease renal excretion; chronic diarrhea and undigested fat increase fecal excretion
Mg2+Rising blood ethanol increases renal excretion; oliguria decreases renal excretion; Chronic diarrhea and undigested fat increase fecal excretion
Phosphateoliguria decreases renal excretion

Important Function

Question Answer
K+Maintains resting membrane potential of skeletal, smooth, and cardia muscle, allowing normal muscle function
Ca2+Influences excitability of nerve and muscle cells; necessary for muscle contraction
Mg2+Influences function of neuromuscular junctions; is a cofactor for numerous enzymes
Phosphatenecessary for production of ATP


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