Electrolyte Combination Therapy

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Fluid maintenance Therapy– Supplies normal requirements for water and electrolytes who cannot take them orally – Should always contain at least 5% dextrose – Na, K, Cl, HCO3, Mg, P, lactate or acetate
Electrolyte replacement– Heavy loss of water and electrolytes (prolonged fever, severe vomiting, and diarrhea)
– Solution for rapid initial replacement – Solution for subsequent replacementTwo Types:Electrolyte replacement
Ringer’s Injection– NaCl (0.86%) – KCl – CaCl2 (as dihydrate) – 147 mEq/L Na, 4 mEq/L K, 4.5 mEq/L Ca, 155.5 mEq/L Cl).
Lactated Ringer’s InjectionContains: – 0.6% NaCl – Sodium Lactate – KCl – CaCl2 (as dihydrate) – 130 mEq/L Na, 4 mEq/L K, 2.7 mEq/L Ca, 109.7 mEq/L Cl, 27 mEq/L Lactate)
Oral Electrolytes Solutions• Lytren ® • Pedialyte ® • Used to replace mild to moderate fluid and electrolyte losses due to diarrhea and other conditions.