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Electrolysis Splitting up of a compound with electricity
Why are ionic substances able to be electrolysedIons are free to move around as they have a charge
What are electrodes and electrolyte Electrolyte is a liquid that conducts electricity. Electrode is a solid that conducts electricity & is submerged in the electrolyte
What happens at the negative electrodesreduction
What happens at positive electrodeOxidation
Method for extracting metals from ore1)Aluminium is extracted from ore.
2)Aluminium oxide is mixed with cryolite to lower melting point.
3)Positive ions attract to negative electrode to neutralise.
4)Negative ions attract to +electrode to neutral.
Which ion goes to cathode in aqueous solutionsIf metal ion is more reactive than hydrogen, hydrogen gas is produced else metal is produced
Which ion goes to anode in aqueous solutionsIf OH- & halide present halide forms else oxygen forms
How do you test for chlorineuse litmus paper and it turns white
How to test for hydrogenmakes squeaky pop with a lighted splint

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