Electric fields

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what is a field linethe path any free small positive test charge placed in an electric field will travel
electric field strengththe force per unit charge on a positive test charge placed in an electric field
3 characteristics of uniform field linesparallel to each other + right angles to plate + postive to negative
electric potential?work done per unit positive charge to move a positively charged particle from infinity to that point
what's an equipotentialline of constant potential
why is no work done when a charge moves along an equipotential linethe force due to the field is at right angles to the equipotential
potential gradient?the change in electric potential per unit change in distance in a given direction
describe potential gradient in a uniform fieldconstant + such that the potential increases in the opposite direction to the electric field
describe equipotential lines in uniform fieldparallel to the plates
what is a point chargea charged object in a situation where distances are much greater than the size of the object
how do you work out resultant electric field strengthvector sum of individual electric field strengths
is repulsive force negative or positivepositive

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