ELA Lesson 8

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Question Answer
acridsharp, irritating, or bitter to the sense of taste or smell
casualtya person killed or injured in a war or accident
conjested1. overcrowded; filled too full 2. filled with fluid
copeto manage problems or difficulties succesfully
headlong1. with great speed or force; reckless 2. reckless; without time for careful thought
hurtleto move with great force or speed
impedeto get in the way of; to interfere with the movement of
inevitablebound to happen; unavoidable
initiate1. to put into effect; to bring into use 2. to take in as a member
iratevery angry; furious
lax1. not strictly enforced; undemanding; careless 2. not tight; loose
negligentfailing to take proper care of or to give proper attention to
smolder1. to burn slowly without bursting into flames 2. to exist in a hidden state before bursting into the open
stringentstrict; severe
throng1. a large number of people gathered together; a crowd 2. to gather or move in large numbers

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