ELA Drama test

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Section 1

Question Answer
prosecutorthe district attorney who tries to prove the guilt of the defendant
Defense Counselthe lawyer who represents the defendant and tries to prove innocence
verdictthe final decision made by the jury
convictto find the defendant guilty of the crime
acquitto find the defendant innocent
reasonable doubtif some uncertainty exists, a juror must vote to acquit
innocent until proven guiltyfundamental principle of law that means the state must prove guilt
4th amendmentsearches and seizures
5th amendmentcan not be forced to testify against themselves in court
6th amendmentspeedy and public trial
double jeapordycannot be tried twice for the same crime
hung jurylack of agreement

Section 2

Question Answer
fourth wallhe imaginary wall that separates a performer or performance from an audience.
belligerent warlike
diligent hardworking
contriving plotting
exasperated irritated or extremely annoyed
cynicismdistrustfulness of others
sassy rude
discretionthe ability or power to decide responsibly
conceit excessively high opinion of one’s own worth or ability
muse to ponder

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