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Question Answer
normal sinus rhythmnormal rythm and HR, 4 boxes btw each beat
sinus tachycardiaregular rhythm and fast HR, QT interval shortened 2.5 boxes btw each beat
meds that cause tachycardiahydralazine
meds that treat tachycardiadiltiazem & sotolol
sinus bradycardiaregular rhythm and slow HR, 6.5 boxes between each beat
meds that cause bradycardiaatenolol, sotalol, diltiazem
a fibrhythm irregular, fast atrium HR, QRS complex not evenly spaced, P wave absent
meds that tx afibamiodarone, atenolol, digoxin, diltiazem, sotalol
A flutterrhythm irregular or regular, fast atrium HR, QRS complex not evenly spaced, lots of small bumps between beats
meds that tx a fluttersotalol amiodarone

Section 2

Question Answer
ventricular tachycardiaregular rhythm and fast HR, wide QRS complex, little space btw complex, 1.75 boxes btw beats
meds that tx ventricular tachycardiasotalol, amiodarone
ventricular fibrillationhighly irregular rhythm,unmeasurable fast hr, lots of random bumps, wide QRS
meds that tx ventricular fibrillationsotalol
torsade de pointeappears ot be a ribbon twisting, irregular rhythm, fast HR
meds that tx torsade de pointemagnesium
myocardial ischemiaST segment elevation
tx Myocardial ischemiaMONA
Hyperkalemiapeaked t waves
meds that cause hyperkalemialisinopril, spironolactone, insulin, kayexalte
meds that tx hyperkalemiafurosemide