EK Organic Chem 1-Electron Fun

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What is a coordinate covalent bond? When 2 bonded nuclei donate BOTH electrons
What is an electron’s mission in life? To unload the burden of energy - and as close to a positive charge and low energy as possible
What happens when electrons carry high energy? They have to share an orbital with another electron
What prevents the electron from crashing into the nucleus? The quantization of energy - it must give up a minimum quantum of energy. This is less energy than having to crash into the nucleus.
When are electrons at their lowest energy level? When they are as close to the positive nucleus as possible ie. have minimized their distance. Lowest potential energy because there is no attractive force left.

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Sigma Bond?Localized Single bond
Sigma Bond?Positioned directly between the two bonding atoms
Sigma Bond?First type of bond made Rotation around bond
Sigma Bond?Because it is the closest to the two sources of nuclei/pos charge ⇒ is the most stable
Pi bond?Is double or triple bond
Pi bond?Not localized, is in fact above and below (sigma has taken the space in between)
Pi bond?Is weaker and takes less energy to break; BUT strengthen overall bonds because it tagteams with sigma bond
Pi bond?P is a higher energy state than S Shortens bond length Cannot rotate

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What is the energy between strength and length? Inverse relationship
What is the energy of a PI bond? Electrons are further away from the nucleus, i.e. less stable, higher energy and weaker, easier to break NB: Makes PIs more reactive Second and third row on PT
Which elements form PI bonds? C, O, N, S Phosphorus in ATP
How to figure out the hybrid orbital? Count the single bonds + lone pairs LP of electrons
How much S character? 33.3% More S character - ++ shorter, stronger, stable
How much P character? 66.7%
What is the hybrid orbital e- goal in life? To move as far away from other e- as possible and minimize repulsion forces

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What is sp3?109.5 Tetrahedral, Pyramid, Bent
What is 104.5?Water
What is Dsp3?90 and 120 T shapte, linear, trigonal pyramid, Seesaw
What is d2sp3? 90 Octahedral, square pyramidal, square planar