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Acts on blood vessels and broncus smooth muscleHistamine
H1- Gq-increase IP3 and DAGHistamine receptor
Physiological histamine antagonistEpinephrine
Histamine degranulation inhibitors(mast cell stabilizers)Cromoglycate and nedocromyl
Prophylaxis for inhibiting asthma caused by allergensCromolyn and Nedocromil
Diphenydramine, Chlorpheniramine, Promethazine and hydroxizineFirst generation Anti-histaminics(cause sedation)
Loratidine, Fexofenadine, Cetirizine and AzelastinSecond generation(non Sedating)
have antimuscarinic effect, a receptor block and SedationFirst generation anti-histaminics
Competitive H1 receptor antagonistFirst Generation H1 blockers(C, D, P, H)
Antihistaminic, motion sicknes, Antiparkisonism, sedationFirst generation H1 Blockers
Marked sedation and motor incoordination. Dry mouth, blurring of vision, urinaru hesitancy(antimuscarinic); Postural hypotension due to alpha R blocking actionAdverse effects of First generation
Antimuscarinic effect of first generation?Dry mouth, blurred vision and urinary hesitancy
alpha receptor blocking action effect of first generationPostural hypotension.
Cause Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia(torsades de Pointes) when given at high doses or with CYP inhibitors(Macrolides, antigungals)Second generation H1 antagonis
Fexonadine is the metabolite ofTerfenadine
Treatment for polymorphic ventricular tachycardia(torsade de pointesCardioversion and Magnesium
5HT1-BStriatum, substantia Nigra(Gi)
5HT1-DCranial Blood Vessels(Gi)
5HT3Enteric nerves(Na/K ion channels)
5HT4CNS and myenteric neurons, smooth muscle(Gs)
Migraine, vomiting and anxiety are related toSerotonine
5 HT1- B/D agonistSumatriptan
Used in acute migraine attackSumatriptan(5HT1 B/D agonist)
anxiolytic drug, 5HT1A agonistBuspirone
Used in irritable bowel syndrome when associated with constipation;5HT4 agonistTegaserod
For Irritable bowel symdrome + constipationTegaserod
5HT4 agonistTegaserod
diarrhea, flushing and bronchoconstriction(Carcinoid) is treated withCyproheptadine
5HT2 antagonist used in carcinoid Cyproheptadine
5HT3 antagonist receptor(antiemetic action)ondasetron, granisetron and dolasetron(SETRON)
control vomiting with chemotherapyOndasetron(5HT3 antagonist)
Used in Irritable bowel syndrome with diarrheaAlosetron(5HT3 agonist)
Ergot alkaloid acting on blood vesselsErgotamine
Ergot Alkaloids acting on the uterusErgonovine and Ergotamine
Ergot Alkaloids acting on the CNSLSD, Bromocriptine, Pergolide
Postpartum hemmorrageErgonovine and Ergotamine
HyperprolactinemiaBromocriptine and pergolide
Parkinsons diseaseBromocriptine
Acute attack of migraineErgotamine
Drugs for acute migraine attackNSAIDS(Aceta., aspirin) and analgesic, Triptan(sumatriptan 5HT1-B/D) and ergot
Drugs for recurrence Migraine attacks--> ?Beta Blockers(propanolol)
Selective Serotonin 5HT1 B/D agonistTriptans
inhibits the activation of the trigeminal nerve and this effect inhibits meningeal vasodilationTriptan (5HT1 B/D)
Partial agonist at alpha-adrenergic receptors in Blood vessels resulting in vasocontrictionErgotamine
5-HT1D agonist which causes vasoconstriction of intracranial blood vesselsDihydroergotamine
Treat acute migraine headachesSumatriptan and Dihydroergotamine
contraindicative in pregnancy, vascular disease and psycosisDihydroergotamine
Ergotism or St. Anthonys fire is produced by oversdose ofErgotamines
Prolongued vasospasm(lead to gangrene and amputation), hallucinations and dementiaergotism or St. Vitus Fire
Profhylaxis for migrainePropanolol

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Keep the Ductus arterious open in fetusPGE2
If you want to close Ductuts arteriosusIndomethacin(PGE inhibitor)
If want to kept open DA giveAlprostadil (PGE1)
COX-1 enzyme expressed in stomach synthesizes _____ which increase stomach mucus secretion(Protective)PGE-1
Chronic use of NSAIDS or Corticosteroids causedecrease local PGE=decrease mucosal damage by acid(peptic ulcers)
Used in treatment of NSAID induced peptic ulcersMisoprostol(PGE1)
Drugs used for induce abortionsMisoprestol(PGE), DINOPROSTONE(PGE), Caboprost(PGF)
Drug most used for induce abortion(cervical ripening)Dinoprostone
Erection dysfunction syndrome DOC by PGE causing vasoldilationAlprostadil
increase outflow from anterior chamber which decrease intraocular pressure. Use to treat glaunomaLatanoprost(PGF2a)
Platelate stabilizer and vasoldilator; used in pulmonary hypertensionEgoprostenol(PGI2)
PGE drugs Alrostadil, misoprostol, dinoprostone
Question Answer
PGF; used in glaucomaLatanaprost
Dysmenorrhea and Patent ductus arteriosus closureNSAID drugs
LT receptor antagonistMontelukast, Zafirlukast
5-lipoxigenase enz inhZileuton
Phspholipase A 2 inhibitorscorticosteroids
Drugs which release NONitrates, Na nitroprusside, Ach, Histamine, bradykinin
selectively inhibits the predominant phosphodiesterase (type 5) expressed in the male corpus cavernosum which breaks down cGMPMOA of Sildenafil
Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction & Pulmonary Arterial HypertensionSildenafil indications
Treatment for dysmenorrhea; by decreasing PGE and PGFIbuprofen(NSAID)
Synthetic PGE1Alprostadil
Put into corpus cavernousum as suppository induces erection in dysfunctional males. Mechanism: PGE1 causes vasodilationAlprostadil(PGE synthetic)

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