Egypt Final

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Al-JabartiGives context to cultural differences in 19th century
Mehmed AliCreated Dramatic cultural, military and economic reforms 18thC
Rifa' al-TahtawiOne of the earliest adapter of Islamic modernism
Ali MubarakServed in the public sector for four decades
Khedive IsmailMehmed Ali's grandson
Ahmad 'UrabiFormed the Egyptian nationalist party
Lord CromerConsul General in Egypt
Mustafa KamilHe founded the National party in 1907
Saad ZaghlulLeader of the Wafd party

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Wafd PartyPower party that existed after the first war
Treaty of 1938Aglo-Egyptian (Uk troops ousted, except ones that defended the Suez)
1952Overthrown monarchy, Egyptian revolution
Free Officers MovementWorked to overthrow king Faruk
Balta Liman1838, British Help ottomans, open markets
1882British occupation
Dinshwai Incident1906, pigeons
1922 Treaty/DeclarationPartial independence
Egypts liberal experiement1922-1952
Female vote1956
Suez CrisisEgypt invaded by tripartide aggression
Pan arabism50s and 60s
Arab Spring2011

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Ibrahim MustafaEgyptian Gold medalist 1928
Huda ShaarawiFounder of the Egyptian Feminist Union
Doria ShafikLeader in the Womens Liberation Movement, suffrage
Inji AflatunMaxist, communist, womens movement,
Hasan al-BannaFounder of the Muslim Brotherhood
King FarukRed car
Sayyid QutbConvicted of plotting to kill Nasser
MutamassirunEgyptianized foreigners
Gamal Abd al-Nasserlead the 1952 revolution

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Anwar SadatNassers successor
Husni MubarakStepped down during the Egyptian revolution of 2011
Wafdimportant party in 20s
EFUPromoted Egyptian independence, European social values, secular in nature
Muslim BrotherhoodA Sunni Islamic religious, political, and social movement
BandungAfro-Asian conference 60-70
Answan High DamDrought protection, agricultural production, and employment
Arab SocialismA socialist arab nationalist political ideology, based on Nasserism
Arab Spring

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Six Day WayIsrael dominates 1967
Yom Kippur WarLand seized back by the Arab coalition
InfitahSedats open door policy
Camp David accords1. Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty 2. Palestinian territories without Palestinian consent
United Arab Republic1958-1961