Effects of strokes

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MCAMotor, sensory, wernicke, brocas --> upper limb and face -->contralateral paralysis, loss of sensation, apahasia
ACAMotor, sensory --> lower limb --> contralateral paralysis and loss of sensation
Lenticulostriate Striatum, internal capsule --> contralateral hemiparesis/hemiplegia
ASA (Anterior Spinal artery)Medial medullary syndrome: Lateral corticospinal tract, medial lemniscus, caudal medulla--> contralateral hemiparesis (upper and lower limbs), decr. Contralateral proprioception, tongue deviates ipsilateral
PICA Lateral medullary syndrome (Wallenburg ): lateral medulla --> vestibular nuclei, lat spinothalamic, spinal V, Nic. Ambiguus, symp fibers, inf cerebellum peduncle --> vertigo, nystagmus, decr. Pain/temp on ipsilateral face and contralateral body, dysphagia, hoarseness, ipsilateral Horners
AICALateral pontine syn: vertigo, nystagmus, paralysis of face, decr. Lacrimation, ipsilateral pain/temp of face and contralateral of body, ataxia
PCAOccipital cortex --> contralateral hemianopia with macular sparing
Basilar arteryPons, medulla, lower midbrain, corticospinal/bulbar, ocular CN, PPRF--> quadriplegia, loss of voluntary face, mouth and tongue movemebt