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Question Answer
RASPSDurkheim, functions
BridgeParsons, functions
Human capitalShultz, functions
Equal opportunitiesDavis and Moore, functions
The hidden curriculumJackson, functions
MarketisationChubb and Moe, functions
Ideological state apparatusAlthusser, functions
Cultural capital, social capitalBourdieu, functions, class
Correspondence theoryBowles and Gintis, functions
Anti-school subcultureWillis, functions, class
University and debtForsyth and Furlong, class
Conformist subculturesMac an Ghaill, class
Speech codesBernstein, class
Material deprivationSmith and Noble, class
When IQ is controlled, w/c still underperformsDouglas, class
Streaming is 'social barbarism'Ball, class
Labelling and SFPBecker, class
Educational triage, A*-C economyGillborn and Youdell, all
Cream-skinningBartlett, class
Leisure timeHannah, gender
Bedroom culture, magazinesMcRobbie, gender
Changing ambitions in girlsSharpe, gender
'genderquake'Wilkinson, gender
Meritocracy helps girls achieveBoaler, gender
CourseworkMitsos and Browne, gender
ResourcesAbraham, gender
GamingKirby, gender
Crisis of masculinityMac and Ghaill, gender
Unrealistic career aspirationsFrancis, gender
DistractionLickt and Dwect, gender
O-levelsPirie, gender
Feminisation of educationSewell, gender
EM more likely to face material deprivationFlaherty, ethnicity
Asian families confused by systemBhatti, ethnicity
Language barries are not an issueGillborn and Mirza, ethnicity
Lone parenthoodSewell, ethnicity
Black students are encouraged to attend universityGillborn and Mirza, ethnicity
Top setsGillborn and Youdell, ethnicity
Sanctions (black students 3-6 more times likely to be excluded)Gillborn, ethnicity
Racism unchallengedHatcher, ethnicity
AngerO'Donnell, ethnicity
Half of teachers report discriminationMirza, ethnicity
Asian girls given least attentionWright, ethnicity
Black girls labelled as much as boysConnolly, ethnicity
Pupil identitiesArcher, ethnicity
EthnocentricismTroyna and Williams, ethnicity
'PISA panic'Alexander, social policy
ParentocracyDavies, social policy
PrivatisationBall and Youdell, social policy