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Question Answer
ClansExpanded families.
ShintoThe traditional religion of japan.
Prince shotokuPrince shotoku was one of Japan's greatest leaders.
Regant Is a person who rules a contrary for some one who is unable to rule alone.
CourtA group of nobles who live near and serve of advise ruler.
Lady Murasaki ShikibulOne of the greatest writers in early Japan's history was Lady Murasaki Shikibu
ZenPopular new form of Buddhism called zen arrived from China.
DaimyoJapan's large landowners.
SamuraiTrained professional warriors .
Figure head A Pearson who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else.
ShogunA general who ruled Japan in the empoers name.
Structer The way some thing is set up or organized .
Values Such as joyalty and honor, the central ideas of the samurai code, reamain very important in modern Japan.
BushidoThe samurai code of rules was known as Bushido.
Brace Pair
UnpretentiousSimple; modest
Cornets Small crowns
MusteredGathered together
BroadesRich cloths with designs woven into them.
CotmorantsLarge diving bird
InferioityLower rank.
What type of land forms overs most of Japan.
Mountains cover most of Japan.


How did Japan location both separate it from and tie it to China and Korea
The short distance allowed the older Karen and chines culters to influence the new culture of Japan.


What is Shinto
The traditional region of japan Shinto.


How did prince shotoku help spread Buddhism in Japan