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Editing Quickstart

Updated 2009-09-29 03:46

In a nutshell...

Editing and creating pages is quite flexible on Click the "Create" button (top of page) to create pages. Click on table cells or "edit" links to edit pages. Or, double-click on table cells while memorizing to edit them.


To see pages you've edited or created click the "Learn" button (top of page) for a quick listing of the most recent, or the "Profile" link to browse them all (top-right of page).

Creating pages

When you create a page you use one of several wizards that guide you through the process. After you click the "Create" button you can choose a wizard. The "Table Wizard" is the most popular.


The wizards are a very fast way of creating simple pages. It is common to edit pages after creating them to improve them by editing headings and adding descriptive paragraphs, etc.


It is also common to collaborate with others by editing their pages. Editing creates your own version of a page, leaving the original version in tact.

Editing table cells

To edit cells in tables, simply click on them. Try clicking on a cell in this table:


Question Answer


Don't worry, you can't mess up this page. If you save your changes, it will create your own version of the "Editing Quickstart" page and leave the main version in tact.

Editing Sections

If you want to edit more than just table cells, try clicking "edit section". Try editing the previous section by moving your mouse over the heading "Editing table cells" above. You'll see a dim "edit" link appear at the top-right corner of the section (over to the right of "Editing table cells"). Click it, and then click the "edit section" link that appears.


This lets you edit or add headings, paragraphs, and everything else in the section. You may need to familiarize yourself with Wiki Text. Wiki text seems strange at first but is very powerful.

Editing whole pages

If you want to make larger changes to a page, like moving or deleting sections or replacing the whole page with something else, try clicking "edit all". First click the "edit" link at the top-right of this page, then click the "edit all" link that appears. Then you can edit the Wiki Text of the whole page.


This gives you complete power to:
Copy and paste to move things around
"Import" by pasting text from somewhere else to create pages
Paste text between pages

Editing while memorizing

You can double-click cells in a table while memorizing it (after clicking a "memorize" button). This lets you make corrections and improvements or add hints as you learn.

Editing other peoples' pages

When you edit a page created by someone else or someone else edits your page, a new version is created, leaving the original version in tact. This lets you collaborate with people without the risk of them messing up your version or you messing up theirs.


You can click the "compare" link (right of page) to compare between two versions and merge the changes from another version into yours.

Spam protection has several features for fighting spam. See Spam Protection for details.

Main versions

After you've edited a page or created a new page, you may think your version should become the main version. To tell us this, click "page" and select "suggest as main". You'll see "page" on the right when viewing an edited version. See Promoting Quickstart for more details.


Click the "edit" link (top-right of page) on one of your versions. A "delete" link will appear.

Memorize diagrams

For how to create tables with memorize diagrams (images and maps, etc), see Memorize Diagram Quickstart.

Memorize paragraphs

You create a memorize paragraph by making a paragraph with the terms you want to memorize surrounded by single quotes. Click the "edit" link above this section to see the wiki text for the following memorize paragraph.


The symbol for Aluminum is predictably Al. Confusingly, the symbol for Copper is Cu. Among the oddest are Tin with the symbol Sn, and Lead with the symbol Pb.

Memorizing order

If you type a row like "Jupiter : ...", the "..." will be replaced by the first cell in the next row (presumably "Saturn" in this case). This is how the table at the top of Planets was created.


Question Answer
To create a pageclick the "Create" button (top of page)
To edit table cellsclick on them
To edit a section or the whole pageclick the 'edit' links
To edit while memorizingdouble-click on a table cell
Pages you create and edit are listed onyour Profile page (or click the "Learn" link for the most recent)
To delete a pageclick "edit" (right of page) then "delete"