Ed. Philosophies Multiple Choice

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Question Answer
progressivismstudents are immersed in a world culture reading project, comparing animals, stories, and legends
perennialismthree circles of students read a classic book, and then discuss the author's ideas with their or instructional aide
existentialismstudents scattered about the room, woking independently on text, personal reading, and library books
essentialismstudents reading the history text, one paragraph per reader, up and down each row, and writing down the major names and events in each paragraph
social reconstructivismstudents are reading their first draft of grant proposals for the local shelter's playground equipment
perennialismsurrounded by Greek art posters, students read The Odyssey
progressivismolder students are reading their stories to small groups of 2nd graders
existentialismkeeping most, but not everyone occupied are several computer research stations, other students are reading books on the beanbag chairs and a few are engaged in sustained silent reading
perennialism and essentialismreading and reciting together, the students master their Latin phrases
behaviorismstudents are reading their texts, and the best readers get their names put up on the bulletin board

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