Ed. Exam - Philosophies (Matching)

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behaviorism*children respond to a stimulus, teacher can control everyone through management and behavior, example: life skills class, students get an M&M for behaving or doing word
constructivismteacher uses students prior knowledge and uses classroom activities to develop and enhance their previous knowledge, figure it out yourself, example: guided questions or building a boat to float
essentialismemphasizes basic skills, back to the basics approach
existentialismsimilar to progressivism, except this is focused on the individual, ability of the individual to determine course and nature of his or her life
humanism*all people control their own thinking
progressivismsimilar to existentialism, except this based on group work to develop oneself, a community of learners
social reconstructivism transformist! purpose of education is to promote social change, education is used as a vehicle for social change

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