Ed. Exam - History (Pick 4 from list)

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Horace Manninvented public education, made it free and available to all students
John Deweyfounder of Progressive education, largest contribution was reflective thinking, hands-on learning, today's vocational learning
Lyndon Johnson's War on PovertyElementary and Secondary Education Acts gave aid to kids in poverty, Title I gave money to schools with poor children, Head Start was a program in summer before school for young children to prepare them for school
Individuals with Disabilities LawsEducation of all handicapped children - first time government said you had to educate all kids and was a major change in U.S. policy, Individuals with Disabilities Act - term "handicapped" was removed and replaced with "disabilities"
Goss v. Lopezsaid: students are entitled to certain due process rights, what happened: nine students at an Ohio public school received 10-day suspensions for disruptive behavior without due process protections
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeiersaid: administrations may edit the content of school newspapers which reflect school values, what happened: principal edited two articles in the school newspaper that he thought were inappropriate
Tinker v. Des Moinessaid: studens do not leave their rights at the schoolhouse door, two siblings wore black armbands to school to protest Vietnam war, students were removed after not complying to take them off
Bethel School District v. Frasersaid: students do not have a First Amendment right to make obscene speeches in school, what happened: student suspended for three days for making an obscene and provocative speech in front of the student body
Brown v. Board of Educationsaid: separate schools are not equal- "separate schools are inherently equal", what happened: overturned Plessy v. Ferguson
Engel v. Vitalesaid: school initiated-prayer in the public school system violates the First Amendment, what happened: each day started with nondenominational prayer stating dependence on God

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