Ectoderm, Mesoderm, Endoderm

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EpidermisSurface Ectoderm
HairsSurface Ectoderm
NailsSurface Ectoderm
Mammary glandsSurface Ectoderm
Anterior PituitarySurface Ectoderm
LensSurface Ectoderm
Inner EarSurface Ectoderm
Teeth EnamelSurface Ectoderm
What vitamin inhibits migration Vitamin A

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The ectoderm is divided intoSurface Ectoderm and Neurulation via Notochord (Neural Crest & Neural Tube)
Scwann CellsNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
Glial CellsNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
MeningesNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
MelanocytesNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
Adrenal MedulaNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
Spiral SeptumNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
Dorsal Root GangliaNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm
Craniofacial StructuresNeural Crest Cells Ectoderm

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CNSNeural Tube Ectoderm
RetinaNeural Tube Ectoderm
Posterior PituitaryNeural Tube Ectoderm
Pineal BodyNeural Tube Ectoderm

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The mesoderm is divided intoMesoderm-Paraxial, Intermediate, Lateral
The mesoderm paraxial division converts intoMesoderm-Somites
Somites divide intoMesoderm-Sclerotomes and Dermomyotomes
Dermomyotomes divide intoMesoderm-Dermotomes & Myotomes
Myotomes divide intoMesoderm-Epimere & Hypomere
SclerotomesMesoderm-Vertebral bodies, Lamina, Cannulus Fibrous of Intervertebral Discs
EpimereMesoderm-Intrinsic back muscles
HypomereMesoderm-Intercostals, Obliques, Transverse Adominis, Rectus Abdominis
MyotomesMesoderm-Dorsal Appendages-Extensor Muscles & Ventral Appendages-Flexor Muscles
The Lateral Mesoderm division divides intoMesoderm-Somatic/Parietal & Splachnic/Viceral
Somatic/ParietalMesoderm-Covers amnion, Lateral and Ventral body Wall (with Ectoderm)
Splachnic/VisceralMesoderm-Covers Yolk Sac, Wall of gut (with endoderm), Cardivascular & Lymphatic
Intermediate MesodermMesoderm-Urogenital (including Kidey and Gonads)

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The endoderm divides into Parenchyma & Epithelial Lining
LiverParenchyma Endoderm
ThyroidParenchyma Endoderm
PancreasParenchyma Endoderm
ParathyroidsParenchyma Endoderm
Respiratory TractEpithelial Lining Endoderm
TonsilsEpithelial Lining Endoderm
ThymusEpithelial Lining Endoderm
BladderEpithelial Lining Endoderm
UrethraEpithelial Lining Endoderm
Tympanic CavityEpithelial Lining Endoderm
Auditory TubeEpithelial Lining Endoderm
GI TractEpithelial Lining Endoderm

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The zygote turns intoMorula
The morula turns intoBlastocyst
The blastocyst turns intoInner Cell Mass & Trophoblast
The trophoblast turns into Placenta & Embryonic Membrane