Ecosystems and Biomes

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Question Answer
Habitatan area that provides an organism with its basic needs for survival
ecosystema system composed of organisms and nonliving components of an environment
biomea large area or geographical region with distinct plant and animal groups adapted to that environment
biospherethe zone of life on Earth; sum total of all ecosystems on earth
successiona series of predictable and orderly changes within an ecosystem over time
ecological communitydifferent populations of organisms interacting in a shared environment
populationa group of individuals of the same species living in a specific geographical area and reproducing
population dynamicsthe study of short and long term changes in the number of individuals for a given population, as affected by birth, death, immigration, and emigration
nonnative speciesa species normally living outside a distribution range that has been introduced through either deliberate or accidental human activity; also known as introduced, invasive, alien, non indigenous, or exotic
limiting factorchemical or physical factor that limits the existence, growth, abundance, or distribution of an individual organism or a population
biotica term that describes a living or once-living organism in an ecosystem
abiotica nonliving factor in an ecosystem
aquatica term that describes an organism associated with a water environment
terrestrial a term that describes an organism associated with a land environment
biogeochemical cycles the movement of abiotic factors between the living and nonliving components within ecosystems; also known as nutrient cycles
extinctionwhen a species no longer has any known living individuals