EC345 Literature

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Prospect theory puzzles literature

Question Answer
Mug experiment (endowment effect / loss aversion)Kahneman, et al. 1995
NYC cab driver experiment (loss aversion)Camerer et al. 1997
Trader loss aversion (disposition effect)Shafrin and Statman, 1985
Brokerage loss aversion (disposition effect)Odean, 1998

Happiness literature

Question Answer
Correlation with reported SWB and objective measuresOswald et al. 2010
Cross-country relationship between GDP per capita and life satisfactionDeaton (2008)
Relative income hypothesisClark and Frijters (2007)
Diminishing returns to happiness from income (after 10k)Proto and Rustichini (2013)
Habit formationClark and Frijters (2007)
Happiness and productivityOswald, et al. (2009)

Intertemporal choice puzzles literature


Question Answer
Naive vs. sophisticated individuals demonstrationO'Donoghue and Rabin (1999)
Hyperbolic discounting field experimentsbertrand et al. (2004) , indian IT firm, smokers in philippines, SEED treatment in phillippines, gym users in fortune 500 company,
NYC stock returns and weatherSaunders (1993)
Stock returns and weather across 26 countriesHirschleifer and Shumway (2003)
Time varying risk aversionGuiso, et al. 2013

Neuroeconomics literature


Question Answer
2d / 4d ratio predicting success of financial tradersRostichini, et al 2009)
Social cooperation is rewardingCamerer et al. 2016
Responder behaviour in an ultimatum gameCohen, et al. 2003

Addiction literature


Question Answer
Internal P-A problemThaler and Shefrin (1981)
GK modelGruber Koszegi (2000)
Investigating policy outcomes of GK modelFletcher et al. (2009)
Cue-based complimentaritiesLaibson

Cheating literature


Question Answer
Honesty filtersAkerlof (1981)
Relationship between honesty and growthHugh-Jones (2016)
Testing guilt aversionCharness and Dufwenberg (2006)
Testing loyalty filters (dice experiment)Fishbacher and Heusi (2013)
Shame aversionGreenberg et al. (2015)
Lying aversionVanberg (2008)
Cheating and social norms (equal split)Butler et al. (2016)
Newspaper honesty box experimentPruckner and Sausgruber (2013)
Excessive change in restaurant experimentAzar, et al. 2013

Influencing behaviour literature


Question Answer
Last minute biddingRoth and Ockenfels (2002)