EBME316 Q1

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Why can't aspirin be in a liquid formulation?H2O attacks at the ester linkage and cleaves it off --> changes structure of the drug!
How can we deliver drug specifically to cancer cells?Ligand targeting, encapsulation
Challenges in pharmaceutical developmentpoor solubility, instability, bad pharmacokinetics, toxicity, low therapeutic index
Drug deliveryincreasing the concentration of a therapeutic agent in a specific organ or tissue by using proper delivery systems
How to modify physicochemical props of drugmodify chemical structure
How to increase solubility of a drug?change polarity
Bioavailabilityamount of drug that reaches circulation, IV=1
Dipole-Dipole interactionspolar compounds have higher H2O solubility
Dipole-induced-dipole interactionspolar moecule can induce dipole in nonpolar
Induced-dipole-induced-dipole interactionsNonpolar molecules induce charge in one another
Lipophiliccan dissolve in fats, oils, nonpolar solvents (ex. can cross lipid membrane)
Hydrophobicdoes not dissolve in water, but does not necessarily dissolve in fats, oils, either (ex. fluorocarbons, silicone)
Liposomelipid bilayer,
Micellesingle lipids

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