Eating Disorders

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________ plays a major role in reflecting ______ _______Television, social values
foods and food-related messages on TV do NOT support ________________________________Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating
Television sends message that "____ is in" and that _____ is unacceptableThin, large
the typical female model is _________-_________% below the expected weight for their height and age13-19%
models represent less than _% of the population5%

Eating Disorders

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Reasons young people can develop eating disorders... (don't need to know all lol)low self esteem, depression, stress, fear of being fat, fear of not living up to images of models/celebrities, pressure from family making negative comments about appearance, coaches who want athletes to maintain a body shape, fear of choking

Anorexia Nervosa

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what is anorexia?slowly starving yourself in an attempt to get thinner
signs and symptoms of anorexia...significant weight loss, yellowish skin tone, dehydration, kidney/liver damage, weakened heart, dull hair or loss of hair on head, muscle cramps, growth of fine fuzzy body hair, fatigue, death
females require _________-_________% of body fat in order for the menstrual cycle to function17-22%
what is it called when the menstrual cycle stops?amenorrhea
without intervention, _________% of anorexic patients die of starvation10%

Bulimia Nervosa

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what is bulimia?the repeated cycle of eating large quantities of food (bingeing) followed by purging it from their system through vomiting, laxatives, or diaretics
accompanied by signs of _____guilt
symptoms of bulimia...weight fluctuation, bulging eyes, tooth decay/damaged gums, sore throat, internal bleeding
bulimia is ____ ______ than anorexiamore common
bulimia is ______ to treat than anorexiaeasier
bulimic patients tend to be more ________ and recognize that their behavior is _______cooperative, abnormal

Binge Eating

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what is binge eating?eating large amounts of food without stopping

Anorexia Athletica

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what is anorexia athletica?excessive exercise in order to get thinner.

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