Eating Disorders Test

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what are 4 types of eating disorder?Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Bing Eating, Anorexia Athletica
what is Anorexia Nervosaslowly starving yourself, think you are fat and over weight but are actually too thin
list 4 signs & symptoms of Anorexiasignificant weight loss, yellowish skin tone, kidney damage, weakened heart
what is Bulimia Nervosa?to eat large amount of food and then immediately purging out of the system with vomiting, use of laxatives or diuretics
list 4 signs of Bulimia Nervosaweight fluctuation, sore throat, tooth decay/damaged gums, internal bleeding
what is Binge eating?to eat large amount of food without control
list 3 signs and symptoms of binge eatingbone/joint problems, obesity, circulatory problems
what is Anorexia AthleticaTo exercise too frequently, intense, or compulsively long periods of time for food eaten or about to be eaten in near future
list 3 signs and symptoms of Anorexia Athleticadefines self worth in terms of athletic performance, exercise more intensely than required to have good health, exercise despite illness or injury,
what is bulimia binge?it is not a response for hunger, food is not taken for their nutritional value

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What percentage of body fat does female need in order for menstrual system to work17%-22%
What happens if young male's body fat percentage go below normal percentage?lose sex drive, become impotent
What percentage of Anorexia patients die before treatment? How did they die?10% die of starvation
What is the two types of percentage after treatment? (Anorexia patients)66% fail to eat normally, 7% die (1% suicide)
What percentage of "ideal" woman is there in our society?what "ideal" woman should look like excludes 95% of women in our society
Typicial female model is ___%-___% below normal weight for their height and age13%-19%
People with eating disorders are ____ with their _____obsessed with their weight
Bulimics tend to be ___ and ____ and closer to _____ _____ than Anorexia patientshealthier ;older ;closer to normal weight

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