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Which layer of the earth has similar properties to oobleck and why?The asthenosphere, because when the oobleck is underpressure its like a solid and when it does or move it acts like a liquid
Heat transferred by waves through air is called?poop
What process transfers energy in circular motion by heating and coolingpoop
Heat transferred in direct contact?sugar
Primary method of heat transfer happening in the mantlehoney
Continatal continental convergent boundary happens?ice
An example of continental continental convergent located?tea
Oceanic- continental covergent boundary happens?Oceanics get subducted
Example oceanic convergentAndes mountain Cascade mountains
What can occur at a transform boundaryplates slide each other always gets earthquakes
another name for divergent boundary in atlantic oceanMid- atlantic ridge
example of where a transform boundary is located?San Andreas Fault
Rift valley, new land is form, occurs in which type of boundary ?Divergent
Waves of energy that travels through the earth are called ?Seismic waves
This wave happens when molecules are squeezed and then expanded again?Compression
These waves are the second fastest wavesShear waves
First to be detectedPrimary waves or compression
The most destructiveShear waves
type of wave can only travel through solid ? Shear waves
Why do we know that some waves only travel through solid portions of the earth?Because of the shadow zone , we must diffrent density
What is the liquid layers of the earth is called?Outer core and inner core
The core consists mainly of iron
Seismic waves travel through earths layers at different speeds depending on the density of each layer
order of the layerLithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, outercore, inner core
Draw a picture of subduction:Oceanic crust goin down to the mantle, mount. are beside it.
Heat Source that powers convection in the mantle?CORRE!!
Underwater feature at point A Mid ocean ridge (mountains in the ocean floor)
Ocean crust Point BSubduction oceanic crust going down to the mantle
the process happening in the entire picture isSea floor spreading
boundary located point CConvergent ---> <---
Point A boundary locatedDivergent <---- ---->