Earth, Moon, and Sun Relations

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Question Answer
We orbit the sun on an oval that we call an ....elipse
One orbit around the sun takes a .....year
One revelation around the sun takes a .....1 day
what is a revelationWhen the earth spins
solstices occur when we are farthest away from what?the sun
Summer solsticeAphelion
The summer solstice is the ______ day of the year.longest
Winter solsticePerhelion
Winter solstice os the ________ day os the year.shortest
Equinoxes occur when _________ to the sun in orbit.closest
March 21 is the _______ equinox.vernal
September 21 is the ________ equinox.autumal
during equinoxes there is only _________ hours of both night and day.12
We ________ in and out of the suns light.revolve
During equinoxes the vertical sun ray _______ _______ the equatorpasses over
spring equinox is calledvernal
fall equinox is calledautumnal

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