E1 Italian verbs taking essere (only)

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* indicates the word has a reflexive form, es: fare* > fare, farsi, and both meanings are given, with the reflexive meaning preceeded by *
illuso indicates an irregular past particilple, all other verbs have the regular endings, -ato, -uto and -ito,

E1-1 Hint: "to exist"

italian infinitive definition
essere (di)to be stato
stare (a)to stay (mental or physical health) stato
diventareto become
nascereto be born nato
morireto die morto

E1-2 Hint: "to move from place to place"

italian infinitive definition
andare (a)to go (to describe someone going a distance away from the speaker) (andare su' go up; andare giu' go down; andare via to go away)
venire (a)to come (to decribe someone moving towards, or near, the speaker) venuto
arrivare to arrive
entrareto enter
partireto leave (as when going on a trip-see uscire below)
frequentareto frequent, to go to, to attend recurring (scola)

E1-3 Hint: "to move from place to place"

italian infinitive definition
ripartireto leave again
rimanere (a)to remain, to stay rimasto
restareto remain, to stay
tornare (a)to return
ritornareto return again
uscireto go out, to leave, to come out (as in leave the house for a few hours- see partire above)
capitareto arrive, to reach, to happen

E1-4 Hint: "being-ness"

(Ci sono verbi che si usano "impersonalmente", cioè senza un vero soggetto o si riferiscono a tutti in modo generale, ad es.,. )

( Alcuni verbi possono diventare "impersonali" con la particella "si" o "ci si" con i verbi riflessivi, es., "Si parte domani". )

( ( = Everybody is leaving/we are all leaving tomorrow"); "Ci si ama" = We all love each other, everybody loves everybody. )

italian infinitive definition
parere to seem to/that (+che) /as though (+che) parso
sembrareto seem to/that (=che) /as though (+che)
apparire to appear to/that (+che) /as though (+che)
bisognareto be necessary to/that (+che)
importareto be important to/that (+che)
esistere to exist

E1-5 Hint: "positive"

italian infinitive definition
riuscire (a)to succeed (at something), to be good (at something)
piacere*to like (LIT to pleasure); *to like oneself, to like each other piaciuto~
valere*to be worth; * to avail oneself of valso
avvenireto happen avvenuto
succedere*to succeed, to happen; *to follow each other successo
dispiacere*to not like, to dislike; *to be sorry dispiacuito~
occorrereto be needed occorso
dipendereto depend dipeso

E1-6 Hint: "condition"

italian infinitive definition
spettareto be up to (someone)
bastareto be enough
costareto cost
sedere*to sit; *to sit oneself (down) colloq: sit down,take a seat
svenire*to faint; * to feel faint
appassireto wither, to wilt, to fade
ricorrereto appeal, to recur ricorso

E1-7 Hint: "actions"

italian infinitive definition
emergereto surface, to emerge emerso
scappareto run off, to escape
sparireto disappear, to vanish
scomparireto disappear, to vanish scomparso
scadereto expire sceso

E1-8 Hint: "to change location"

italian infinitive definition
salireto go up, to climb, to get on
scendereto go down, to get down, to come down
cadereto fall
sorgereto rise (up), to stand (up) sorto

E1-9 Hint: "to work

italian infinitive definition
brontolareto complain, to grumble
ospitareto host, to house
sbuffareto pant, to puff