Dyslipidemia, HTN, chronic stable angina, heart failure, stroke, GERD

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if a patient is not fasting for cholesterol levels what can happen?TG level falsely elevated making calculation LDL falsely low
non HDL want below130
ldl want beow100
hdl want above40 for men and 50 for women
TG normal is below150
zetia added to statin recently showeddecrease CV events
clinical ascvd high intensity statin when75 or younger
clinical ascvd mod intensity statin whenover age 75
high intensity statin when LDL over90
diabetes and age 40-75 with ldl between 70 to 189. risk below 7.5% then mod otherwise high intensity
age 40-75 with ldl between ___ 10 year risk over 7.5% moderate to high intensity statin
high intensity statinslipitor 40-80 and crestor 20-40
low intensity statinssimvastatin 10, pravastatin 10-20, lovastatin 20
muscle soreness stop and try reinintaite diff statin or lower dosemost patients can tolerate if reintroduced.
do not use a statin plusgemfibrozil
stop statin if liver enzymes are>3x normal limit. (40 units upper end normal)
statins moainhibits the rate limiting step in cholesterol synethesis.
nonblack population first line htnace,arb, ccb, thiazide type diuretic
black htn no CKD or proteinuriaCCB and or thiazide
kdiney disease htn usearb or ace
blood pressure goal is under 150/90 if60 or older
htn meds pregnancymethyldopa, labetolol, nifedipine XL
these beta blockers CI in MI patientscarteolol, acebutolol, penbutolol, pindolol
hypertensive urgencybp equal to or above 180/110-120 without acute end organ damage. treatment= any oral med onset of action 15-30 mins. reduce bp gradually over 24-48 mins
hypertensive emergencybp above or equal 180 with end organ damage. reduce bp or map by no more than 10-25% within first hour then if stable to 160 within next 2-6 hours, use iv meds liek hydralazine, labetolol, sodium nitropursside, nicardipine.
prinzmetals angina vasospasm in arteries usually due to illicit drug use
antiplatelet agent for stable anginaaspirin. plavix if allergy or very high risk patients plavix + asa
first line therapy for stable agninabeta blockers. calcium channel blockers (both types) or long acting nitrates when BB CI or as add on. ranolazine can be substitute for beta blocker or addition
HF sodim restritionless thn 1500
increased BNP isover 100
increase NP isover 300
hf guidelines only these beta blockerscoreg, bisprolol, toprol xl
ther range for digoxin0.5 to 0.9 ng/ml
stroke- imaging should be doen with how long arrival hospital45 minutes
hemoorhage stroke risk of cerebral stroke how long after2 weeks
after someone on otc therapy for acid and no respond then doctor2 weeks
typically treatment period for gerd is8 weeks
gerd should be avoided in patients with dementiahistamine blockers for gerd
most common causes of ulcersnsaids, h pylori, and stress ulcers due to mechanical ventilation. if pyloria then usually eating helps. if gastric then eating makes worse
h pylorigram negative bacteria spiral shaped lives in acid.
pyrlori urea breath test and fecal antigen can be false negatives if used acid suppresants or antibotics recentlystop within 2-4 weeks of doing test