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1st DynastyXia Dynasty
Longest DynastyZhou Dynasty
Last DynastyQing


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What is a dynastyA family of rulers who rule over a country for a long period of time.
who designed the chinese flagZeng Liansong.
what does the red symbolise on the flagcommunist revolution.
red is the national colour ofthe people
what is the flag sometimes referred to asFive Star Red Flag
when was the flag adopted1949
what does the large star representcommunism
what do the four smaller stars representthe social class of the people
where did buddhism beginindia
what did buddha believethere is suffering, suffering has a cause, suffering has an end, there is a path to the end.
what is an important symbolthe wheel "wheel of life." "wheel of law."
what did buddha teach to followthe "middle way" not too much wealth, but not too much self-denial and self-torture.
buddha also believedlife is a constant cycle of birth and rebirth, if one did evil in life he or she would be reborn sick or poor.
where are most buddhists foundSri Lanka
great wall of china is one ofthe 7 wonders of the medieval world
wall was built fordefence purposes
wall was built whileQin Shi Huang was emperor (first emperor)
wall became world heritage in1987
emperors feared thatchina would be conquered from the north
wall is made ofrocks bricks and motar, but in the early years, rammed earth
how many people helped in the construction of wallover 1 million
the wall stretches acrossdeserts and up and down mountain ranges
the estimated length is8851.8km
what is happening to country lifepopulation is decreasing
where do country people move to and whycity to find a better life with proper employment and education
what do they eatrice and vegetables because meat is too expensive.
water iscollected from wells
the air isfairly clean due to no factories
the government allowsone child per family but some people in the country have more because they need the help on the farm
country people have a lot lesspossessions than the city life
people walkto where they need to go
what do they live inbrick or mud brick houses but some still live in tents.
children do notgo to school regularly because their help is needed on the farm.
first dynastyxia dynasty
longest dynastyzhou Dynasty
last dynastyqing dynasty

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