Dynamic Routing

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Cisco Proprietary protocols IGRP EIGRP
Protocol developed to connect different internetworks and provide routing between themBGP
Purpose of dynamic routing protocolsDiscovery of remote networks Maintaining up to date routing information Choosing the best path to destination networks
Main Components of Dynamic Routing ProtocolsData Structures Routing Protocol Messages Algorithm
Prevents information from being sent out the same interface from which it was received Split Horizon
Autonomous systemCollection of routers under a common administration
Classful ProtocolRIPv1 IGRP
Classless Protocol RIPv2 EIGRP IS-IS OSPF
How often RIP sends out routing updates30 seconds
How often IGRP sends out routing updates90
Command that prevents the transmission of routing updates through an interfacepassive-interface
Link State Routing ProtocolsOSPF IS-IS
Routing table entry that contains a next hop address or exit interfaceUltimate route
Route with a subnet mask equal to or less than the classful mask of the network addressLevel 1 route
Route with a subnet mask equal to that of the classful maskNetwork Route
Route with a mask less than the classful maskSupernet Route
Static route with address Route

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