Dull and Uninteresting

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Question Answer
Prosaicdull, uninteresting , boring
Insipidnot having a strong taste or character, or having no interest or energy:
Vapidshowing no intelligence or imagination, dull or tedious
Jejuneboring and not interesting, a jejune lecture
Inaneextremely silly or with no real meaning or importance
Tritelacking in freshness because of constant use or excessive repetition
Pallidvery pale, in a way that looks unhealthy and not attractive:
Innocuouscompletely harmless / not interesting ,stimulating or significant
Vacuousnot expressing or showing intelligent thought or purpose, stupid
Humdrumhaving no excitement, interest, or new and different events,ordinary,monotonous
Soporific/Somnolentcausing sleep or making a person want to sleep
Banalboring, ordinary, and not original
Monotonya situation in which something stays the same and is therefore boring
Tedioustiresome because of length or dullness
Mundanevery ordinary and therefore not interesting

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