Dual stem cell Model

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Question Answer
What is special about +4 cells?Mark with Bmi and insensivtive to the effects of cdc25
What is the active zone chqaracterised by?Wnt and the absence of BMps
How are hair germ cells activatedSecretion of Wnt and noggin by underlying dermal pappila
How do LGR5+ cells conform to 2 pop modelWnt signalling active within cypts
How are HSCs maintained quiscent wnt sign inhibitors and BMP from supporting cells + osteoclasts in the endosteom
What is the proper name for the model?Zoned SC model
What do the two zones do?Primed subpop replinishes tissue and reserved population is activated stochastically or by loss of feedbac upon tissue damage to replienish
What were the prevailing models of SC Single quiscent
how do populations relate to each other in spaceSeperate yet adjoining niches
Why are TA cells x sufficient for homeostasisShort lived and no self renewal
What makrer do Bulge cells expressLgr5
How long do bulge cells persist> when are they activated?Several months, following activation of Hair germ
What is the importance of Cat/anaDetermines the distance b/w the DP and SC niche and its modulation of the SC State
How are Label retaining cells markedDoxycycline pulse to activate transient H2GFP
When are bulge cells activatedDuring anagen