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Question Answer
Tequila Lime Chicken (CCC)Grilled chicken, cabbage pico, cilantro
Fried Avocado (DCAC)Dos equis battered avo, cabbage, smoked chile aioli, roasted corn
Ancho Short Rib (R,M,C)Dry red wine, Mexican crema, cilantro
Chinese 5 Spice (C,P,R,C)Slow roasted, pickled cucmber, pico de geallo, daikan raddish ,carrot
Chile Shrimp (C,C,P)Chile rubbed, chiahuahua cheese pico de gallo
Baja Fish (G, S, G)Beer battered gropuer, tangy coleslaw, taqueria guacamole
Blackened Salmon (O,P, C)Picked red onion, pineapple semana salsa, sracha cabbage
Tuna Wasabi (R, S, C, S)Seared rare, sesame roasted corn seaweed
Carne Asada (C, O, MJ, C)Chimichurri, caramelized onion, monterrey jack, cilantro
Surf and Turf (S, S, A, B, C)Grilled skirt steak, teacate battered shrimp, sracha aioli, bacon, cabbage
TacosTequila Lime Chicken, Fried Avocado, Ancho Short Rib, Chinese 5 Spice, Chile Shrimp, Baja Fish, Blackened Salmon, Tuna Wasabi, Carne Asada, Surf and Turf

Section 2

Question Answer
TTequila lime chilcken
FFried Avocado
AAncho Short Rib
CChinese Five Spice
CChile Shimp
BBaja Fish
BBlackened Salmon
TTuna Wasabi
CCarne Asada
SSurf and Turf

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Desserts (F, C, D, BS, T, FI)
FGrand Mariner Flan
Grand Mariner Flancaramel custard, salsa ingles, strawberries, mango sauce
CChurros and Chocolate Sauce
Churros and Chocolate SauceCrispy mexican donuts, cinnamon sugar, spiced mexican chocolate, dulce de leche
DDulce De Leche De Tres Leches
Dulce De Lece De Tres LecesMexican Sponge cake soaked in evaporated milk, whole milk and condense dmillk with dulce de leche frosting
TCoco de Loco Tequila Cupcakes
Coco de Loco Tequila Cupcakesmexican tequila, crunchy flakes, caramel

Section 4

Question Answer
GuacamoleTraditional or Crab and Shrimp
QuesadillasVegetable, Chicken, Steak
Seafood Cevicheprawn, calamari, scallop, ginger, aji amarillo, leche de tigre
Tuna Cevichesoy lime infusion, sesame, sweet potato, chile, mint, cilantro
Nachosnaked, chicken, steak
Wingsbuffalo, mango habanero chipotle bbq
Caesar SaladChicken, steak asada, ahi tuna
Starters/SaladsGuacamole, quesadillas, ceviche, nachos, caesar salad chopped salad
Chopped saladgreens, tomato, avocado, bacon, egg, corn, onion, queso fresco, cilantro basil vinaigrette

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Small BitesRice and beans, grilled brussels, queso, mac and cheese bites, taquitos, empanadas, sliders, mini burritos, lomo saltado, blue crab croquettes, grilled salmon, ahi tuna tostadas
Big bitesmexican rice bowls, enchiladad, fajitas, carne asadas

Section 6

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Lunch Sandwiches and Soup
El Mexicano Burfgerjalapeno, avocado, mj cheese, raoasted tomato, chipotle mayo sesame bun, smoked chile fries
Tijuana Steak Sandwichmarinated skirt steak, sauteed peppers, onion, monterrey jack, guac, smoked chile fries
Chicken milanesa sandwichchidken breast, avocado, lettuce monterey jack cheese, roasted tomato mayo, smoked chile fries

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Question Answer
lunch specialany two tacos and a soft drink 9 Monday-Friday 11-3
Phone 703-566-3113
Address 3165 Wilson Blvd
Monday Special1/2 price bottle of wine
Tuesday SpecialTaco Tuesday 1/2 off Tacos
Wednesday Special$6 cocktails
Thursday Special$8 Jumbo margs
Friday Special$6 22oz mexican beers

Section 8

Question Answer
Happy Hour$4 Drafts (Miller $3) Trad Marg $5, Red/White $5, Rail Drinks $5. Sangria $5
HH PlatesMac and Cheese Bites, Fresh Guac, Chicken Quesidilla, Chicken Avocado Sliders, Mexican MIni Dogs, Wings, Steak Nachos
$3 TacosCarnitas Steak Chicken only SOFT

Section 9

Question Answer
BrunchSaturday/Sunday 10:30-2
TacosBacon egg and cheese taco
Nutella PancakesNutella, whipped butter, syrup, chorizo
Breafkast BurritoBacon, salsa, black beans, cheese, scrambled eggs, flour tortilla
eggs benedictpoached eggs, english muffins, smoked ham, hollandaise sauce
Eggs benedict carnitas2 poached, corn tortillas, melte cheese, salsa, porrk, spring onions, creamy salsa verde
Chorizo fiesta olmettespicy chorizo, roasted pepers, pepper jack cheese, chili sauce, sour cream, grilled jalapeno
Huevos Rancheros2 eggs, corn tortillas, red-charred beans, melted cheese, salsa, pork, green chili sour cream
Sidesapplewood bacon, chorizo, home fries, smoked ham, texas toast, two eggs
DrinksMimosas, margarita swirl, bloody mary, michelada, red sangria pitchers, mimosa pitcheers

Section 10

Question Answer
DraftsMiller Lite, Yeungling, Modelo Espeial, Negra Modelo, Coronoa LIght, Pacifico, Devil's Backbone, New BBelguim, Sam Seasonal, PotCity Pale Ale, Blue Moon Belgian White, Leineknkugel Seasonal, BElls Two Hearted, Lagunitas
MYMNCPDNSPBLBLMY Young mom now carries pizza near shipyard plantation because local buys local

Section 11

Question Answer
La Joya Cabernetdry, heavy tanin bite
Malbec SeptimaBold red, big bodied
Pinot NoirSweet fruity fresh
Garnachenot too bitter not to sweet, middle of the road wine drinkers
Chardonnaycitrusy, dry, fresh
Sauvignon Blancfruity and refreshing
Pinot Griscrisp, honey suckle
Reislingsweet, clean, lively, fruit citrusy

Section 12

Question Answer
CocktailsSweet Heat, Prickly Pear, Tradicion, Jalapeno, Mexican Mule, Blood Orange Mard, Ernesto Hemingway, Paloma, Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Carlito's Way
Sweet HeatDeliciously blueberry with a kick
Prickly Pearcombo of salty and sweet very refreshing
Tradiciongreat blend of sour mix and decent tequila
Jalapenospicy but not overpwoering/jalapeno infused tequila
Mexican Mulegingery but sweet side to it. LIke a moscow mule with tequila
Bloog Orange Margaritaadds a sweet flavor but balanced out with tequila
Ernesto HemingwayMexican twist to a classing hemingway
Once Upon A Time IN Mexicofor scotch drinkers smoky, tobacoo, manhattan drinkers
Carlito's WayTom Collins with Tequila/Grapefruity