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Cholinergic Drugs

Question Answer
prevents release of AChBotulin Toxin
reversible anticholinesteraseNeostigmine, Physostigmine, Pyridostigmine, Edrophonium
reversible antiCh-esterase that crosses BBB, used for Atropine poisoning Physostigmine
reversible antiCh-esterase that overcomes PancuroniumNeostigmine
irreversible antiCh-esteraseMalathion (pesticides)


Question Answer
Nm Nicotinic Agonist"Nic Succs Agan" Succinylcholine
depolarizing Nm blocker, desensitization of Nm receptorSuccinylcholine
Used to produce paralysis of pharyngeal muscles for intubation/ventilationSuccinylcholine
Nm Nicotinic AntagonistPancuronium
non-depolarizing Nm blocker, blocks nAChR Pancuronium
induces muscle paralysis for surgeryPancuronium
Muscarinic Agonist"Mary-Beth Piles on Meth" Methacholine, Bethanechol Pilocarpine, Acetylcholine
activates mAChR, tx glaucoma, drymouthPilocarpine
promotes GI & urinary tract motility, bladder emptyingBethanecol
unmasks asthma, bronchoconstrictionMethacholine
Muscarinic AntagonistAtropine
dilates eye for eye examAtropine
reduces sludgeAtropine (salvation, lacrimation, urination, diaphoresis/sweating, GIT motility, emesis)
corrects DUMBBeLSSAtropine

Adrenergic Drugs

Question Answer
Catecholamine storage inhibitorAmphetamine, Pseudoephedrine
Catecholamine reuptake inhibitor"I'm Coc Blocking Cata" Cocaine, Imipramine
Catecholamine metabolism inhibitor"ipro-MAO-azid" Iproniazid
A and B AgonistEpinephrine, Norepinephrine
A Agonist"You down with OPC?" Oxymetazoline, Phenylephrine, Clonidine
A1 & A2 AgonistOxymetazoline
A1 AgonistPhenylephrine
A2 AgonistClonidine
A1 & A2 AntagonistPhenoxybenzamine, Phentolamine
A1 AntagonistPrazosin, Tamsulosin
B Agonist"Butts Hearts & Lungs" Dobutamine, Albuterol
B1 AgonistDobutamine
B2 AgonistAlbuterol
B Antagonist"AuNTy B-LOLs" Propanolol, Atenelol, Pindolol
Non-selective B blockersPropanolol
Selective B1 blockerAtenolol
Partial AgonistsPindolol