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ramiprilaltace; HTN; 2.5 and 20 mg/day in 1 to 2 doses
quinaprin accupril, htn, 20-80 mg/day in 1 to 2 doses
rivaoxabanxarelto, anticoagulant, 20 mg once daily w. food
amiodapronecordarone, paceron, nexterone; antiarrhythmic, 400 mg per day
amlodipine besylate w. benezepril hcllotrel, 1 capsule daily
torsemidedemadex; diuretic, 5-10 mg once daily
hydrochlorothiazidemicrozide, diuretic, 25-100 mg daily in single or divided oral dose
spironolactonealdactone; diuretic, intially 100 mg/day adjustments at 5 day to dose of 25-200 mg/day
chlorthalidonehygroton, diuretic, 50 mg daily
furosemidelasix, diuretic, 20-80 mg/day 1 to 2 doses
bemetanidebemex, diuretic, 0.5-2 mg daily
triamterene w. hydrochlorothiazidedyazide, maxzide; diuretic, 1-2 doses twice a day
dipyridamole w. aspirinaggrenox, antiplatelet, 1 capsule given twice daily, once in morning and once in evening
warfarin sodium (crystalline)coumadin, jantoven; anticoagulant. 2-10 mg per day
olmesartan medoxomil w. hydrochlorothiaidebenecar-HCT; antihypetenisive. 1 tablet daily
benazepril hydrochloridelotensin, antihypertensive, 10 mg once daily
irbesartanavapro, antihypertensive, 150 mg once daily
bisoprolol fumarate w. hydrochlorothiadieziac, antihypertensive, 1 tablet daily in morning
losartan potassium w hydrochlorothiazidehyzaar, antihypertensive. 1 tablet once daily
losartan potassiumcozaar, antihypertensive, 50 mg once daily
lisinopril w. hydrochlorothiazidezestoretic, prinizide; antihypertenisve. 1 tablet dialy
lisinprilprinivil, zestril; antihypertensive. 20-40 mg
enalapril maleatevasotec, epaned; antihypertensive. 5-40 mg
valsartan w. hydrochlorothiazidediovan-HCT; antihypertensive, 1 tablet daily
valsartandiovan; antihypertensive. 80-320 mg once daily `
clopidogrel bisulfateplavix; hematological agent, 75 mg once dailly w. or without food
dabigatran etexilate mesylatepradexa, hematological agent, 150 mg twice daily
hydroxyzine hydrochlorideatarax; antiallergy/antianxiety, 25 mg 3 -4 times a day
digoxinlanoxin, digitek; inotripic agent; 0.125-0.5 mg a day

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