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bleomycin side effectpulmonary fibrosis
cyclophosphamide side effecthemorrhagic cystitis
halothane side effectliver necrosis
phenytoin side effectfolate deficiency, hirsutism
vincristine side effectperipheral neuropathy
thioridazine side effectretinal deposits, cardiac toxicity
red man syndromevancomycin
Clofibrate side effectincreased GI neoplasms
photosensitivity with these abxtetracyclines (eg doxy)
Cartilage damage in fetus with these drugsfluoroquinolone
sphincter of oddi spasm possible withmorphine
Gray baby syndrome, aplastic anemiachloramphenicol
methyldopa side effecthemolytic anemia


Question Answer
Antidote for benzo overdose? Methanol? Ethylene glycol?flumazenil, fomepizole/ethanol for the other two.
• These two drugs can cause pancreatitisvalproic acid and metronidazole Treat with supportive care
• Someone taking aspirin and NSAIDs for chronic pain and has conjunctival pallor?think that they have some bleeding somewhere along GI tract!
• Give someone with EBV amoxicillin, what happens?maculopapular rash
• Side effects of thiazides?metabolic side effects of hyperglycemia, increased LDL and increased triglycerides. Also increases risk of gout b/c of uric acid retention.
• What is didanosine and what is its side effect?HIV drug, pancreatitis
• What is abacavir and side effect?HIV drug, causes hypersensitivity syndrome
• NRTIs all can have this side effectlactic acidosis
• NNRTIs can all have this side effectSJS
• What is nevirapine and its side effect?HIV drug, liver failure
• Protease inhibitor used to treat HIV, what is this and what is a common side effect?Indinavir, precipation of drug in the urine and obstruction of flow.
• Drug of choice for diabetic neuropathy?TCAs. Use gabapentin in patients with urinary symptoms or orthostatic hypotension b/c TCAs worsen these
• Digoxin toxicity symptoms?nausea, vomiting, confusion, weakness, possible blurry vision with changes in color or blindness
• Beta blocker overdose, how do you treat this?fluids and atropine, but if refractory hypotension persists, glucagon
• Give this to increase appetite and weight gain in caner-related anorexia/cachexia symptomsprogesterone analogues (megestrol or medroyprogesterone) or corticosteroids
• Slight AST/ALT elevation after starting isoniazid?hepatic injury but is self limiting and will resolve without intervention, continue treatment
• This recreational drug intoxication causes hypertension, tachy, hyperthermia, seratonin syndrome, hyponatremiaecstasy
• Why does sodium bicarb help in TCA overdose?increases serum pH and extracellular sodium levels, alleviating the cardio-depressant action on sodium channels and decreases risk of cardiotoxicity
• History of wheezing after taking NSAIDs, recurrent rhinitis and post nasal drip. What is this and what is it associated with?Aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease, associated with development of nasal polyps.
• Indication for raloxifene? Side effects/contraindications?osteoporosis. Venous thromboembolism, hot flashes. Tamoxifen can cause endometrial cancer
• Phenytoin birth defectsfetal hydantoin syndrome - small body, microcephaly, digit and nail hypoplasia, a lot of hair, cleft palate, rib anomalies
• Rhinitis, hepatosplenomegaly and skin lesions at birth?congenital syphilis
• DMARD associated with pancreatitis, liver toxicity, and dose dependent marrow suppressionazathioprine
• Immunosuppressive used after transplantation to prevent organ rejection. What is this and what are its side effects?cyclosporine, predisposes to viral infections and lymphoma and nephrotoxic
• Visual disturbances, GI distress and hemolysis in G6PD deficiency with this DMARDhydroxychloroquine
• Who should get a statin regardless of lipid values?diabetic patients 40-75
• Beta lactam or bactrim then fever, hives, generalized lymphadenopathy and polyarthrlagia with no mucosal involvement. What is this?serum sickness like reaction. Withdraw the drug and they'll be gucci
• Mag sulfate toxicity antidote?calcium gluconate
• Phototoxic antibiotics?Tetracycline (eg doxy).
• Phototoxic antiarrhythmicamiodarone
• Tamoxifen is associated with increased risk ofendometrial cancer, venous thromboembolism, hot flashes
• Avoid this drug in people with nasal polypsaspirin, can cause severe asthma attack
• First line treatment for anaphylaxis?subcutaneous epinephrine. Steroids only if sub Q isn't a choice
• Side effects of ACE?angioedema
• Idiopathic intracranial hypertension can be triggered by which drugs?tetracycines (eg doxy), isotretinoin (excessive Vitamin A), All trans retinoic acid, and growth hormone
• What would you treat lyme disease with in a 7 year old?oral amoxicillin. Can't use doxy if they're less than 8.
• Treatment for lyme meningitis or heart block?IV ceftriaxone
• Side effects of PTU?agranulocytosis, hepatic failure, ANCA associated vasculitis
• Major toxicity of azathioprine?hepatotoxic, leukopenia, diarrhea
• Toxicity of mycophenolate?bone Marrow supression
• Toxicity of cyclosporin?hirsutism, gum hypertrophy, nephrotoxic, hyperkalemic. Tacrolimus is similar minus the hirsutism and gum stuff
• Diuretic to limit calcium stones?thiazides pull it out of urine
• Acute vs chronic digoxin toxicity? What drug can increase digoxin levels?amiodarone. Acute is anorexia, vomiting, weakness. Chronic is neurologic and visual stuff
• "Use dependence", what is this and what antiarrhythmics have this effect?flecainide and propafenone. They have faster heart rates and widening of QRS complex
• Monitor these things prior to starting lithium. Long term side effects? calcium, renal function, and thyroids. Long term side effects include hyperparathyroidism, hypercalcemia, nephrogenic DI, thyroid dysfunction ah
• Brussel sprouts, spinach, OCPs, and Ginseng effect on warfarin?decreased efficacy. These are CP450 inducers
• How can trimethoprim cause hyperkalemia?blocks epithelial sodium channels in the collecting tubule. Causes an artificial increase in creatinine somehow
• Give this with phenytoin to prevent anemiafolic acid
• C450 induces. Name three classes. Name three meds that inhibitrifampin, antiepileptics, and barbiturates. Inhibitors include cimetidine, erythromycin, ketoconazole
• Difference between aspirin and other NSAIDs?aspirin binds irreversibly, others are reversible. Acetaminophen blocks COX in the brain.
• Toxic doses of aspirin causes which sx?tinnitus, vertigo, respiratory alkalosis and metabolic acidosis, coma, hyperthermia, death. Severe overdose treated via dialysis
• Do not give aspirin to children and people with thesenasal polyps, will cause hypersensitivity reactions and asthma attack. Asthmatics should avoid it too
• CNS stimulation (headache/insomnia/seizures), GI disturbances (N/V) and arrhythmias are side effects of this COPD drugtheophylline, has a narrow therapeutic window and can be effected by illness/other drugs
• When can an ACE inhibitor cause angioedema?Anytime, not just when you start it
• Succinylcholine use is contraindicated in patients with ___hyperkalemia. Can cause life threatening hyperkalemia (don't use in patients at risk for hyperkalemia eg burn patients or crush injury)
• Sx of lithium toxicityhand tremor, hyperreflexia, ataxia, seizures
• Cerebellar ataxia, confusion, and horizontal nystagmus are side effects of this anticonvulsantphenytoin

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