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Anti-viral nucleosidesAzidothymidine (AZT); Didanosine (ddI); Acyclovir
Anti-viral nucleotides:Tenofovir
Anti-cancer agents: cytosine arabinoside (Cytarabine); adenosine arabinoside (Vidarabine)
DNA hypomethylation agents:5-azacytidine; 5-aza-2’-deoxycytidine (Decitabine)
Inhibitors of DNA gyraseQuinolone drugs (Ciprofloxacin)
Inhibitors of DNA replicationactinomycin D; Camptothecin (inhibitors of Type I topoisomerase; anti-cancer)); Etoposide (inhibitor of Type II topoisomerase; anti-cancer)
Inhibitors of RNA polymerase II α-amanitin from Death Cap mushroom
Drugs that inhibit transcription: Ciprofloxacin; Rifamycin (Rifampin); Actinomycin D
Cabonic anhydrase inhibitorAcetazolamide
GABAneurotransmitter formed by decarboxylation of glutamate
Histamineformed by decarb of histidine
Trpfirst hydroxylated, then decarboxylated to form serotonin
Tyrhydroxylated to from L-DOPA which is decarboxylated to form dopamine
Methemoglobinrelease of superoxide from the Hb. Remaining three O2s cannot be releases. Blue people lack an enzyme that converts metHb back to the ferrous form.
Sickle cellpos 6 on beta chains, Glu is replaced by Val (hydrophobic)
Collagenabundance of Gly, Pro, Lys. Pro = kinks, H-Pro = H-bonds, Lys = EC covalnet cross linking, H-Lys = allow addition of sugars.
Vit C is a cofactor forprolyl and lysyl hydroxylase.
Hydroxyl prolinestabilize the collagen triple helix by H-bonds
Hydroxy lysinecross link tropocollagen molecules w covalent bonds. can be glycosylated.
Lysyl oxydasedeaminates lysyl in collagen. needs Cu as a cofactor.
EDSmutation of pro alpha chains of collagen (type I, III, V collagen)
OIdefective collagen synthesis. Type I = mildes, type II = most severe. blue sclerae.
Marfanautos dom defect in fribrillin-1 gene. elastin gene is normal.
DFP (di-isopropyl flourophosphate)irreversible inhibitor of acetylchilinesterase, which cleaves the NT Ach. Ser cant't form bond with acetyl group.
Insulin receptortyrosine kinase
inhibitors of phosphodiesterasecaffeine and theophylline
ADP-ribosylation of Gscholera toxin and e coli. result in continously active Gs
ADP ribosylation of Gipertussis toxin. inactive Gi