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Question Answer
Isoproterenol MOAB agonist -> Vasodilation , increase cardiac contractility and rate
Epinephrine + PorpanololVasoconstriction
EpinephrineIncrease Systolic BP & heart rate
Nitroglycerin EffectLV-ED-P Decrease, Peripheral venous capacity Increase, Systemic vascular resistance Decrease
Organism produces an enzyme involved in acetyl group transfer to exogenous substances is located on the surface of the cytoplasmic membraneAminoglycosides -> Gentamycin
First line for depression and does not cause sexual side effectsBupropion NOT TRAZADONE
Bupropion does not causeWeight gain
Bupropion contraindicated inBuliemia nervosa, Aneroxia, & Seizure disorders
BUSpirone associated withSlow onset of action
BUSpirone used forPartial agonist 5HT. General anxiety syndrome BUT NOT Acute anxiety
TrazadoneAntidepressant for pts with insomnia
MilirionePDE3 enzyme inhibitor -> Vasodilation & Positive ionotropy(contractility)
Aminoglycosides inhibitgenetic code reading and protein synthesis by binding to the prokaryotic 30S ribsomal subunit
Rat poison antidoneFFP
Prostaglandin GlaucomaIncreased outflow of aqueous humor
Alpha agonist GlaucomaVasoconstriction in cilliary body
Carbon Anhydrase (Glaucoma)Decreased Bicarbonate formation in cilliary body
Beta blockers GlaucomaDecreased secretion of aqueous humor
Acetylcholine receptor antagonistAtropine
Immediate relief for Asthma & COPDB-agonist
Gingivial hyperplasia drugsCyclosporine, Phenyton, Diltizaem, Verapamil, nifedipine
RibavrinInterfering with the duplication of viral genetic material & Inhibit IMP(Inosine Monophosphate) dehydrogenase
FoscarnetViral drug that does not require intracellular activation and is known to bind in vitro with viral encoded enzymes such as DNA POLYMERASE
Insomnia treatment in ElderlyRemelteon -> Melatonin Agonist -> High affinity to melatonin receptors in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
BevacizumabVascular endothelial growth factor -> metastatic cancer for lung & colon
Ampicillin & AMoxcillin contraindicated inInfectious mononucleosis -> rash
Azithromycin allergy for chlamydia useDoxycycline
Aspirin Allergy useClopidogrel Irreversibly inhibits ADP receptors -> GPIIB/IIIA complex cannot be activated
LabetololNon selective antagonist of A1 & B receptor -> High Blood pressure
Higher partition coefficienthigher lipophilicity -> higher potency -> higher solubility
High solubilitymore anesthetic needs to be dissolved -> slower onset
MAC decreases as blood gas partition coefficientincreases, generally speaking
QuetiapineAntagonist of D2 receptors ->Increase Prolactin causes galactorrhea
RucuroniumAnesthesia -> Non depolarzing muscle relaxant
DOC for Chrons diseaseRifaxamin
TCA MOA1 Blocks reuptake of catecholamines(elevated-> sympathetic tone) 2 Strongly Anti-cholinergic (hot, dry skin, hyperthermia 3 Block alpha one receptors which normally cause vasoconstriction, blocckage will cause vasodilation causing blood pressure to drop 4 Blocks sodium channels in the ventricle or AV ocnduction as well causing arrythemias
DOC for SLEMycophenalate
Gabapentin SxSedation & Ataxia
Atypical antipsychoticsClozapine, Olanzapine, respiridone, aripiprazole, quetiapine, ziprasidone. Sx- Dry mouth, constipation, Sedation
Benzo,Barbs,Opiates, Alcohol all causeCNS depressant -> MCC of death during toxicity Respiratory failure -> Everything speeds when coming off drug -> MCC of death during withdrawal Arrythemia
MemantineDx Alzhemiers -> Blocks glutamate inhibition of NMDA pathway(excitory or addicition) -> increasing the action of pathway
HIPPPEHydralazine, INH, Procainamide, Penicillamine, pHenyton, Ethosuximide
MeperidineDoes not contract sphinctor of oddi / blocks reuptake of catecholamines/ No pin point pupils / Abused by drs
NaloxoneIv dose
NaltrexoneOral drug
FormicationThings crawling under skin -> Seen in Alcohol
Tourette DOCHaloperidol
Iron pills always taken withJuice because Vitamin C is needed to make no free radical formation
CO posioning TX1
EDTAWill bind to anything with 2+ charge (Calcium, iron, lead, copper, magnesium)
LeadSuccimer only oral drug, Pencillamine pulls out of plasma, Dimercarpo pulls put of bonemarrow, EDTA helps excrete lead through urine
Seizures drugs with folate deficiency side effect?Phenyton & Valporic acid


Question Answer Column 3
ShortTOMTriazolam, Oxazeoam, Midazolam
IntermediateAlprazolam, Lorazapam, Temazapam
LongDiazapam, chlordiazepoxide, Flurazepam


Question Answer
Most effective treatment?Colchicine -> Blocks mictrotubules leading to blocking of all rapidly dividing cells
Current treatment?Indomethacin -> Blocks COX 1 & 2
Treatment in kidney failure ptsSteroids
Chronic/ Recurrent goutAllopurinol-> Blocks Xanthine Oxidase / Probenecid -> Increase excretion of uric acid by blocking the reabsorption of uric acid


Question Answer
Taking acid drug with food will causeLess absorption
If you want an acid drug to absorb then give it withEmpty stomach
If you want a base drug to absorb then give it withFood
Base drugNeutral, Fat soluble, Crosses membrane, Affects the liver p450, not to use in babies or elderly or liver cirrhosis
Acid drugCharged, Water soluble, Does not cross membrane, Affects kidney GFR, not used in diabetic, nephropathy
Base overdoseGive acid
Acid overdoseGive base