Drug Therapy Chapter 59

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Question Answer
The nurse is caring for a child who has just been diagnosed with otitis media nd will be treated with amoxicillin. It is most important for the nurse to instruct the mother to administer this medication on what schedue?Around the clock
The nurse is administering ciprofloxacin intravenously to a 60-year-old patient with necrotizing otitis externa who is recently widowed and has type 2 diabetes that is controlled by diet. What factor related to this patient would be of most concern to the nurse?Patient's age
The nurse is giving discharge instructions to a woman who will be taking amoxicillin for treatment of acute otitis media. The nurse teaches the patient that which symptom indicates the development of superinfection and should be reported to the physician?Vaginal itching and discharge
The nurse is caring for a patient who is taking ciprofloxacin for treatment of necrotizing otitis externa. The nurse instructs the patient to notify the physician immediately if the patient experiences what sympton?Tendon pain
The nurse will notify the physician immediately if the patient taking amoxicillin for otitis media is also taking what medication?Tetracycline for acne
A patient with renal impairment has an ear infection. The nurse is aware that dosage reduction is necessary if the patient will be taking which medication?Ciprofloxacin